Are man bad at Intercourse?

According to a study posted in ABC about 75% percent of women don’t reach orgasm with just intercourse alone. About 10 to 15% could reach orgasm with toys and a little bit of oral sex. Does this mean that man don’t understand the female body? Or does this just have to be due to extreme pressure about reaching orgasm for women. In the book ” what do women want by Daniel Bergner” There a series of study in which they try to find what women want. In the book sexologist spoke about women sexuality is put down in society. Does women sexuality being put down come into play when having intercourse with a partner? I believe so. There a specific test in which participants are put to watch Porn to see what activates a women desire. In the test the women place a device in the vaginal to notice if anything changed in the vaginal. As well man where being tested and the results showed that women got excited by Heterosexual, HomoSexual porn and man just heterosexual. The findings where shown that even thought consciously women weren’t getting excited. The natural impulses said something differently, does this mean that social norms bring women sexuality down? Or to be more constircted for society to function and to look appropriate. Abc Study –


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