Does Size Matter

Having intercourse could take multiple turns depending on the partner. There is a syndrome which is called “Small Penis Syndrome” in which man believe there penis is small. According to Kinsey Institute there is a subject called Micropenis. ” The term is used by researchers to refer to penises less than 2.8 inches (7 centimeters) in length when stretched. This condition is thought to affect only 0.6% of men, or 6 in 1000 men, and to be caused by inadequate testosterone at a late stage of fetal development.” ( Kinsey Institute). Small penis syndrome seems to be made out of a false belief and Micropenis is a real miniature size penis compare to the average male.

This belief may off come upon man watching pornography at a young age. Also adolescents tend to joke about who has the bigger penis. “On Average men penises 5 – 6.5 length and circumference of 4 – 5 inches” (Gebhard and Johnson, 1979,p 120).

I once heard a saying in which ” it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean”. Am not saying size does not matter; it does contribute. Also I notice depending to a women preference size could matter. Contradicting? It varies from women to women, but the individuals who put more emphasis on size is men. It is a deep rooted insecurity in which leads to false belief in which could lead to bad intercourse.

“A comprehensive worldwide study of more than 40 independent penis size research projects, undertaken since 1942, has come up with a general penis size guideline. With over 11,000 participants, the survey puts the average erect size of the adult penis between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth. In addition, according to a recent survey, 90% of women prefer a wide penis to a long one because increases in length do little to enhance her physical pleasure. ” ( )
(Gebhard and Johnson, 1979,p 120).


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