Can Women and Men be Friends?

This topic did intrigue me when I spoke to a friend of mine. The topic went something ” Do you think guys and girls could be just Friends”. He believs that it actually possible, but I do not think it is possible. Why?

According to a friend is “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” In this sense there has to be a mutual understanding of feelings. Before this stage of mutual feelings there has to be time to develop this feelings. The reason I believe just being friends is impossible is because there has to be an interest in the other individual to continue to develop the feelings.

An example would be if a guy and a girl barley met, if they continued communicating is because there is an interest. If there was no type of interest in one person to the other they would just be acquaintances. I believe there has to be some sense of attraction if not the friendship would just be platonic. If the friendship was just platonic, wouldn’t that just be acquaintance; essentially just a person you may know.

If you think about a best friend or a close friend there is some sense of attraction, but their might be boundaries on how far one individual will go. Underneath the topics spoken about might me joking around even maybe flirtatious; but are this individuals just friends?

The question is: can a man and a women just be friends or is that just an acquaintance?


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