Overnight Better Sex

One of the things I notice is that men tend to rush into intercourse to fast. I don’t blame you there just beautiful women that are very beautiful and you desire them. The thing about rushing into intercourse is that you blow foreplay and warming her up into sex, not to mention she would enjoy sex a lot more. Learn to have self control when it comes to sex, this means do foreplay and mess with her. Things that you could implement rite away is look at your palm and get your index finger and middle finger and insert your fingers into her vaginal, with your thumb stimulate her clitoris.

Also observe her body and see in which way she responds better and moans to what you’r doing. At times going a little faster or rougher with your fingers could stimulate sensitive spots. Remember you could use tongue and caress her body, some women respond to rougher touching and other to softer. Play with all her body and depending too what she responds to repeat, this means you have to consciously be within the moment. A very attractive thing to do is for her to know that she is the only person that has you’r full attention at that moment.

Until she is craving you so badly that she is demanding you to have sex with you do you enter. This takes self control, but knowing that you’r In charge of the whole moment is very dominant. A way to make missionary more pleasing is to put a pillow under her back this makes you able to hit her cervix which is very sensitive. If you have good communication with your partner then just ask what she enjoys and what she doesn’t. Remember always have variety if not intercourse could get boring and no one likes to be bored.


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