Rats and Human Sex?

Do animals or specifically rats have any way of feeling pleasure or desire?

According to the book “What Do Women Want?” It seems that rats look to prolong intercourse and receive pleasure from intercourse. “McClintock documented, too, that the female, if her cage allowed her to evade her partner, made sure to slip away from him, constantly, in the midst of his pumping, so the sex didn’t end too quickly for her. Under any circumstances, in rat as in monkeys sex, the animals attach, copulate, detach, and reattach repeatedly until the male ejaculates. The female rat, experiments showed, like to prolong the process, to make it last longer that the male otherwise would. All of this, the solicitations and the preference for more drawn – out intercourse, suggested will and desire”. ( PG 182-183 Daniel Bergner )

Apparently in monkeys and rats tend to prolong intercourse for pleasure, but also to increase the probability of offspring. If rats seek ways to receive and expand intercourse for the sheer desire of having pleasure, then would this be the same for women? I grew up with the norm that only males where the most sexually active, but could women be as active as a male? I believe that women desire for intercourse is as great as a male or even more. Male and females tend to look for pleasure and desire and passion from one another, off course the human connection also.

If female rat prolong intercourse, then why not prolong intercourse between individuals.

References – ( Daniel,Bergner. What Do Women Want? United States : HarperCollins Publishers Inc. June 2013)


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