Pornography Affecting You?

Pornography is a damaging entertainment if misused in many different ways. The association of feeling desire with a monitor begins to train your mind to feel that way when watching porn. There will be a time where the act of having intercourse shall come and the desire won’t be there. The natural tendency for humans to have intercourse and have the intimate connection could be damaged by watching pornography.

According to University of Minnesota

“A meta-analysis of 46 published research studies on the effects of pornography on sexual perpetration, attitudes regarding intimate relationships, and attitudes regarding the rape myth found that exposure to pornographic material puts one at increased risk for committing sexual offenses, experiencing difficulties in one’s intimate relationships, and accepting rape myths (i.e. beliefs that trivialize rape or blame the victim for the crime). Specifically, there is a 22% increase in sexual perpetration; a 20% increase in negative intimate relationships; and a 31% increase in believing rape myths. A total sample size of 12,323 people comprised the present meta-analysis. The studies confirmed the link between increased risk for negative development when exposed to pornography.”

In laymen term individuals who watch porn tend to behave a little more aggressive than the average individual who does not. Lets not forget this is in general not always on individual cases, pornography could help couples also. The key is communication and understanding one another needs and wants. Forcing an individual into something is not necessarily something which is needed and could be more damaging than positive.

Also aggressiveness is not all together bad, it is off course bad if its forced upon. Some individuals enjoy being sadistic in sex; the difference is that both partners agree. At the end it comes down to communication and what is the persons intentions.


Overindulgence in pornography has long term affects, it seperates reality with fantasy.

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