Rough or Vanilla sex? Any better?

This will be more of my experience of both type of sexes.

I started having intercourse at a very young age and developed a love for women. Instead of a general childhood of toy’s I was off having intercourse and understanding relationships and sex. Interesting how some child hood activities could influence your professional career. When I started having intercourse with my second partner of the age of 14 I believe I was very passionate and just desired to bond with the other person. I did mainly missionary position because I wasn’t as well read as I am now. A good thing about this was the fact that I was able to bond with my partner, but at this point of my life I thought hair pulling and pushing a women against the wall and basically being dominant and aggressive was rather really radical and out of my personality. In the years to come till the age of 17 I kept with my Vanilla Sex. My experience has shown me that it’s a great way to bond emotionally, and the bond could strengthen because all the emotions and basically ┬áchemicals going off.

At the age of 18 I got into a little trouble; which let me down a different road to explore. By this age I have had more partners than the average male which is 5 – 7, ┬ábut with that experience that didn’t show me you could experience something different. At this age I met a different type of women who showed me rougher sex, and I was getting more into sex therapy so I started to read a lot. I was exploring a lot of literature and erotica which most if not all has some sort of dominant alpha male. I got curious about how rougher sex could be; and I was more than eager to try this new way of having intercourse with my partner. Mix with books like Fifty Shades of grey and scientific books about are sexuality I found out that rougher sex is actually more normal than vanilla sex. My experince was that I got to bring out a more wild side of women out; not only that I was able to satisfy them in a different way. It became that my partners wanted to have intercourse with me more often than I would. I enjoy rougher sex, but i believe I will be moving on too Tantra sex; more of energy movement?

Which sex is better; well I prefer rougher but it is healthy to mix a little of both and be open minded to new possibilities. Not to mention that I found out that every partner I have had enjoyed intercourse differently. There is no right way, but rather adapting to the situation and partner.



Is masturbating bad

Masturbating within it self isn’t nothing bad at all, actually it something very good. Many individuals masturbate but with not the intention of becoming better lovers. On a daily basis our brains release 10,000 new neurons and what we do with those neurons is up to us. We could ether reinforce old habits or make new ones. I noticed that when people actually masturbate they usually don’t extend the time as most males don’t. Then when it comes to having intercourse you are so conditioned to ejaculate within the first five minutes you won’t be lasting long enough in bed to satisfy your partner.

This presents a problem in which males actually are really accustomed to fire as a piston and unload within a few minutes. If you think about it; back in the “cave man” days this would be good for safety. Now with social media man are expected to last longer than ten minutes. Honestly this isn’t to hard to achieve; with a few breathing techniques and kegels exercises to strengthen your (PC) muscles you could last much longer. Not to mention if you exercise and eat more vegetables this will happen faster. Next time you decide to masturbate try to masturbate for thirty minutes.

Is Marriage dead?

The other day I was speaking to a good old friend about relationships and I was wondering if marriage is dead? From my understanding is that marriage which end up in divorce are much higher than before. Then again women have many more liberties than before, then again the question comes into question if humans where meant to be monogamous. According to the CDC the stats for marriages and divorce are as follows

Number of marriages: 2,118,000
Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (44 reporting States and D.C.)

Essentially half of marriages that start will end up in divorce. I asked my self why is it that the divorce rate is so high? Could it be that society values other things now than before, or why is it that relationships get harder the longer you stay in them. Is it that maybe we don’t have enough experience in relationships or is it that we naturally aren’t suppose to be monogamous.



Normal Sex?

When I fourteen to around seventeen sex usually consisted of Missionary to the most Doggy Style. Now that I think of my sexual life it was rather dull in those times. It my mind it was what intercourse was because that is what I new and nothing more. In my own mind that was normal sex and anything else was maybe strange. Then I got involved in becoming a sex therapist and my mind was expanded and what I thought was normal was now dull and a very limited point of view. Now I am aware of fetishes, kinks, handcuffs, whips, Rope, twenty different positions, Tantra, Breath techniques and etc.

Now when I do speak to people about sex I feel l usually know much more than the average individual. It makes me wonder how actually most people sex life is; what the statistics showing marriage rates going higher; is it just society or are we more free? Then what is normal sex? Is it just having sex for ten minutes and a bit of foreplay? Or is it the half an hour foreplay and then another hour of just having intercourse. What is normal? Does it just depend on the person experience and knowledge. If it depends on experience and knowledge then shouldn’t we as people expand are knowledge to be able to satisfy ourselves and partners.

I was informed once that just because you might be good at something there always a better way to do what you doing. Forget normal and try something new and decide what feels better.