Normal Sex?

When I fourteen to around seventeen sex usually consisted of Missionary to the most Doggy Style. Now that I think of my sexual life it was rather dull in those times. It my mind it was what intercourse was because that is what I new and nothing more. In my own mind that was normal sex and anything else was maybe strange. Then I got involved in becoming a sex therapist and my mind was expanded and what I thought was normal was now dull and a very limited point of view. Now I am aware of fetishes, kinks, handcuffs, whips, Rope, twenty different positions, Tantra, Breath techniques and etc.

Now when I do speak to people about sex I feel l usually know much more than the average individual. It makes me wonder how actually most people sex life is; what the statistics showing marriage rates going higher; is it just society or are we more free? Then what is normal sex? Is it just having sex for ten minutes and a bit of foreplay? Or is it the half an hour foreplay and then another hour of just having intercourse. What is normal? Does it just depend on the person experience and knowledge. If it depends on experience and knowledge then shouldn’t we as people expand are knowledge to be able to satisfy ourselves and partners.

I was informed once that just because you might be good at something there always a better way to do what you doing. Forget normal and try something new and decide what feels better.


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