Is Marriage dead?

The other day I was speaking to a good old friend about relationships and I was wondering if marriage is dead? From my understanding is that marriage which end up in divorce are much higher than before. Then again women have many more liberties than before, then again the question comes into question if humans where meant to be monogamous. According to the CDC the stats for marriages and divorce are as follows

Number of marriages: 2,118,000
Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (44 reporting States and D.C.)

Essentially half of marriages that start will end up in divorce. I asked my self why is it that the divorce rate is so high? Could it be that society values other things now than before, or why is it that relationships get harder the longer you stay in them. Is it that maybe we don’t have enough experience in relationships or is it that we naturally aren’t suppose to be monogamous.




8 thoughts on “Is Marriage dead?”

    1. That’s intresting; do you think you find yourself with having relationships with other people. Or did you mean something else?


      1. I have never ever heard someone write that , it’s like we attract people who are a reflection of us.


  1. Marriage is basically a civil union but began with religion. More and more people are turning away from religion, so the idea of marriage doesn’t seem to be necessary. I know many couples that have been together for 10-20+ years without having the “marriage” done in a court of law. I guess it all depends on circumstances and what would be the benefit to make it a legal union.


      1. I think that you’re onto something. To me, it’s a huge disappointment, because as children we watched fairy tales about what relationships are “supposed” to be. Nothing like reality at all!


      2. Honestly this is what I study, I think you having more experince could probably give me a different perspective. Then again movies and reality tend to be far from one another.

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