Rough or Vanilla sex? Any better?

This will be more of my experience of both type of sexes.

I started having intercourse at a very young age and developed a love for women. Instead of a general childhood of toy’s I was off having intercourse and understanding relationships and sex. Interesting how some child hood activities could influence your professional career. When I started having intercourse with my second partner of the age of 14 I believe I was very passionate and just desired to bond with the other person. I did mainly missionary position because I wasn’t as well read as I am now. A good thing about this was the fact that I was able to bond with my partner, but at this point of my life I thought hair pulling and pushing a women against the wall and basically being dominant and aggressive was rather really radical and out of my personality. In the years to come till the age of 17 I kept with my Vanilla Sex. My experience has shown me that it’s a great way to bond emotionally, and the bond could strengthen because all the emotions and basically  chemicals going off.

At the age of 18 I got into a little trouble; which let me down a different road to explore. By this age I have had more partners than the average male which is 5 – 7,  but with that experience that didn’t show me you could experience something different. At this age I met a different type of women who showed me rougher sex, and I was getting more into sex therapy so I started to read a lot. I was exploring a lot of literature and erotica which most if not all has some sort of dominant alpha male. I got curious about how rougher sex could be; and I was more than eager to try this new way of having intercourse with my partner. Mix with books like Fifty Shades of grey and scientific books about are sexuality I found out that rougher sex is actually more normal than vanilla sex. My experince was that I got to bring out a more wild side of women out; not only that I was able to satisfy them in a different way. It became that my partners wanted to have intercourse with me more often than I would. I enjoy rougher sex, but i believe I will be moving on too Tantra sex; more of energy movement?

Which sex is better; well I prefer rougher but it is healthy to mix a little of both and be open minded to new possibilities. Not to mention that I found out that every partner I have had enjoyed intercourse differently. There is no right way, but rather adapting to the situation and partner.



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