Virgin or Non Virgins?

Let’s start by asking the question what is an experienced partner and why individuals should explore more diverse partners. Let’s start with the taboo idea about being with multiple partners, it is looked upon rather negatively especially for women and for males it is seemed rather the greatest thing ever. When a male has multiple partners he is rather seemed like a god for other males. When women has multiple partners she is labeled a slut. I find this intriguing because for one sex it is a positive and the other is negative, but when you think about it isn’t a good thing to have the experience? Lets look at the negatives and positives about more partners or just having more experience.

From experience age doesn’t necessarily mean more experience; each individual has different sexual life’s. One of the things that I found attractive around the age of fourteen and I found safer was when individuals didn’t have many partners. There was this stigma that it was not safe because of diseases which is true, which you could say novelty is appealing and attractive. The problem with novelty when it comes to relationships and intercourse is that the experience is not there. Its like having a cake, but your still trying to see which frosting to put on top. I was once reading a blog post from a sex therapist that the main reason why marriages don’t last is because people don’t bring a full sexual, maturited experience. Due to the fact that people feel that they are not experiencing their full sexuality which they could be enjoying if they had variety.

When I have had experinced partners which I honestly love because not only do I grow from being around them we grow together. When individuals have had many relationships and sexual ones they understand what satifies them and what does not. They also could bring more pleasure and could be more open minded because new experinces bring more pleasure to ones life. For any individual who has more diversity in partners has a greater chance to pleasure there partner, but also bring more diverse perspective and knowledge.

Now we come back to the question; multiple partners or just a single one? The option is up to you, then again monogamy could be tough especially with all the research going against it. As a male a women would love that you are more experinced and could actually satify her in bed. As a women nothing is more attractive than when a women is comftorable within herself and sexuality.


Why Do Women Moan and Is Polygamy more Natural for humans?

Female copulatory vocalization actually is a way to let other potential mates know that the women is mating. When looking at other close primates interesting in off the promiscious primates the women moan loudly when copulating. Why is this? From the book Sex At dawn: ” Women’s Pendulous breasts ( Utterly Unnecessary for breastfeeding children), impossible-to-ignore cries of delight (female copulatory vocalization to the clipboard-carrying crowd), and capacity for orgasm after orgasm all support this vision of prehistoric promiscuity.” PG 27.

Then in the same page “If you spend time with the primates closest to human beings, you’ll see female chimps having intercourse dozens of timer per day, with most or all of the willing males, and rampant bonobo group sex that leaves everyone relaxed and maintains intricate social networks. Explore contemporary human beings’ lust for particular kinds of pornography or our notorious difficulties with long-term sexual monogamy and you’ll soon stumble over relics of our hyper sexual ancestors.”

“Our bodies echo the same story. The human male has testicles far larger than any monogamous primate would ever need, hanging vulnerably outside the body where cooler temperatures help preserve stand-by sperm cells for multiple ejaculations. He also sports the longest, thickest penis found on any primate on the planet, as well as an embarrassing tendency to reach orgasm too quickly.”

When a women moans is to let other individuals know that she is mating and is up for mating, Which I thought intruging because many males believe is because off the pleasure or it hurts her. Then I wondered how come some females moan louder than other; or is it because of genetics or an adaptation too survive? If this a sort of unconscious way for humans to survive and copulate then why is it that we are monoagmous?  Is it just a made up culture tradition that was made up like many other things; or is just a fear based belief.

It’s interesting how we as humans have testicles outside our bodies such as other primates who are promiscuous also. The ejaculating quickly you could re-train yourself not to ejaculate fast by doing Kegel exercises and changing your diet. There a lot of evidence suggesting we aren’t as monogamous as we are meant to be. Then why the whole hassle of just being with one partner and then condemned the individuals who cheat or choose to be with multiple partners?

If your interested in reading the book just follow the link under; It’s a rather interesting book to read.


Today I met a very beautiful girl and her name was Allison. I don’t really get impressed or get moved by people but this girl did both things in less than ten minutes. I have not been captivated by a women in some time, and she had the looks and a great personality what she off course showed me. This got me thinking how we unconsciously choose are partners  and how other partners repel us.

When it comes to attracting partners some individuals take a systematic approach, but forget that attraction is not logical, but rather emotional. Any time you really enjoyed being with someone is because they made you feel good, and any time you stayed away from someone is vice versa. Emotional contagion is something that could ether back fire or help us out. Are emotions are literally contagious and are influencing other individuals around us all the time.

I spoken about this before, but I couldn’t be helped but be moved by this women. I find it intriguing how we unconsciously choose are partners and later the information gets brought up to the conscious mind and we come up with a rational idea of why we find them attractive. If you are not aware every decision you make is made  unconsciously before and then ten-seconds later you make it consciously.

Emotions overall are very powerful it could be used for positive things and negatives ones. In the dating arena emotions could ether make you or break you. Next time you are out remember how you feel and that will tell you how your date went.

The Forbidden

A few months ago I ran into an old friend and as usual we spoke about intercourse. We spoke about what is considered forbidden to speak about sex; when I mean forbidden I mean people don’t really discuss the issues around intercourse and relationships. Let’s call my friend Daisy; so daisy was talking to me about her sexual life. This lead to her confessing many things which people won’t agree with, but lets talk about it because she agrees that maybe other people have had this problems.

For starters she has had multiple partners which many people consider bad especially when is a women. Even thought she enjoy’s intercourse because it is satisfying she has heard many people deem bad or slutty for women to have many partners. In a sense it sounds like a lot of old traditions and beliefs, but then again when a male has multiple partners he is a god. I never understood how for one sex is awesome and another rather shameful. Honestly considering the differences it always better to have an experience lover. It is rather more enjoyable to enjoy your sexuality than be constricted because most people say so.

Daisy was telling me how she enjoy’s being with her partner but the sexual side of the relationship is rather getting dull. I found it intriguing how she was telling me how she is always suggesting new things and her partner doesn’t want to try other stuff. Which everyone to their own preferences  and she ended up cheating on her boyfriend.This lead her to feel rather guilty and has not confessed yet. This made me think how sometimes we stay in relationships that probably aren’t that fulfilling or happy in any capacity.

Sometimes we as humans we keep this secrets and guilt because it isn’t correct or forbidden to want somethings or think differently. Makes me wonder how many secrets people keep to themselves that make them feel bad. Maybe we should just face this fears and try something new. Or is it really forbidden to do something that most people consider wrong? What if cheating was right and women having many partners was correct and males to only have very few partners. I personally wouldn’t like certain things but the world would vastly be different.