The Forbidden

A few months ago I ran into an old friend and as usual we spoke about intercourse. We spoke about what is considered forbidden to speak about sex; when I mean forbidden I mean people don’t really discuss the issues around intercourse and relationships. Let’s call my friend Daisy; so daisy was talking to me about her sexual life. This lead to her confessing many things which people won’t agree with, but lets talk about it because she agrees that maybe other people have had this problems.

For starters she has had multiple partners which many people consider bad especially when is a women. Even thought she enjoy’s intercourse because it is satisfying she has heard many people deem bad or slutty for women to have many partners. In a sense it sounds like a lot of old traditions and beliefs, but then again when a male has multiple partners he is a god. I never understood how for one sex is awesome and another rather shameful. Honestly considering the differences it always better to have an experience lover. It is rather more enjoyable to enjoy your sexuality than be constricted because most people say so.

Daisy was telling me how she enjoy’s being with her partner but the sexual side of the relationship is rather getting dull. I found it intriguing how she was telling me how she is always suggesting new things and her partner doesn’t want to try other stuff. Which everyone to their own preferences  and she ended up cheating on her boyfriend.This lead her to feel rather guilty and has not confessed yet. This made me think how sometimes we stay in relationships that probably aren’t that fulfilling or happy in any capacity.

Sometimes we as humans we keep this secrets and guilt because it isn’t correct or forbidden to want somethings or think differently. Makes me wonder how many secrets people keep to themselves that make them feel bad. Maybe we should just face this fears and try something new. Or is it really forbidden to do something that most people consider wrong? What if cheating was right and women having many partners was correct and males to only have very few partners. I personally wouldn’t like certain things but the world would vastly be different.


2 thoughts on “The Forbidden”

  1. It certainly would be very different! I consider myself a very sexual person, and sex is something that I enjoy. If I don’t have a significant other and have the desire to have sex, I’m not going to hold out on myself just because society has said it’s “bad”.

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