Today I met a very beautiful girl and her name was Allison. I don’t really get impressed or get moved by people but this girl did both things in less than ten minutes. I have not been captivated by a women in some time, and she had the looks and a great personality what she off course showed me. This got me thinking how we unconsciously choose are partners  and how other partners repel us.

When it comes to attracting partners some individuals take a systematic approach, but forget that attraction is not logical, but rather emotional. Any time you really enjoyed being with someone is because they made you feel good, and any time you stayed away from someone is vice versa. Emotional contagion is something that could ether back fire or help us out. Are emotions are literally contagious and are influencing other individuals around us all the time.

I spoken about this before, but I couldn’t be helped but be moved by this women. I find it intriguing how we unconsciously choose are partners and later the information gets brought up to the conscious mind and we come up with a rational idea of why we find them attractive. If you are not aware every decision you make is made  unconsciously before and then ten-seconds later you make it consciously.

Emotions overall are very powerful it could be used for positive things and negatives ones. In the dating arena emotions could ether make you or break you. Next time you are out remember how you feel and that will tell you how your date went.


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