Why Do Women Moan and Is Polygamy more Natural for humans?

Female copulatory vocalization actually is a way to let other potential mates know that the women is mating. When looking at other close primates interesting in off the promiscious primates the women moan loudly when copulating. Why is this? From the book Sex At dawn: ” Women’s Pendulous breasts ( Utterly Unnecessary for breastfeeding children), impossible-to-ignore cries of delight (female copulatory vocalization to the clipboard-carrying crowd), and capacity for orgasm after orgasm all support this vision of prehistoric promiscuity.” PG 27.

Then in the same page “If you spend time with the primates closest to human beings, you’ll see female chimps having intercourse dozens of timer per day, with most or all of the willing males, and rampant bonobo group sex that leaves everyone relaxed and maintains intricate social networks. Explore contemporary human beings’ lust for particular kinds of pornography or our notorious difficulties with long-term sexual monogamy and you’ll soon stumble over relics of our hyper sexual ancestors.”

“Our bodies echo the same story. The human male has testicles far larger than any monogamous primate would ever need, hanging vulnerably outside the body where cooler temperatures help preserve stand-by sperm cells for multiple ejaculations. He also sports the longest, thickest penis found on any primate on the planet, as well as an embarrassing tendency to reach orgasm too quickly.”

When a women moans is to let other individuals know that she is mating and is up for mating, Which I thought intruging because many males believe is because off the pleasure or it hurts her. Then I wondered how come some females moan louder than other; or is it because of genetics or an adaptation too survive? If this a sort of unconscious way for humans to survive and copulate then why is it that we are monoagmous?  Is it just a made up culture tradition that was made up like many other things; or is just a fear based belief.

It’s interesting how we as humans have testicles outside our bodies such as other primates who are promiscuous also. The ejaculating quickly you could re-train yourself not to ejaculate fast by doing Kegel exercises and changing your diet. There a lot of evidence suggesting we aren’t as monogamous as we are meant to be. Then why the whole hassle of just being with one partner and then condemned the individuals who cheat or choose to be with multiple partners?

If your interested in reading the book just follow the link under; It’s a rather interesting book to read.




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