Virgin or Non Virgins?

Let’s start by asking the question what is an experienced partner and why individuals should explore more diverse partners. Let’s start with the taboo idea about being with multiple partners, it is looked upon rather negatively especially for women and for males it is seemed rather the greatest thing ever. When a male has multiple partners he is rather seemed like a god for other males. When women has multiple partners she is labeled a slut. I find this intriguing because for one sex it is a positive and the other is negative, but when you think about it isn’t a good thing to have the experience? Lets look at the negatives and positives about more partners or just having more experience.

From experience age doesn’t necessarily mean more experience; each individual has different sexual life’s. One of the things that I found attractive around the age of fourteen and I found safer was when individuals didn’t have many partners. There was this stigma that it was not safe because of diseases which is true, which you could say novelty is appealing and attractive. The problem with novelty when it comes to relationships and intercourse is that the experience is not there. Its like having a cake, but your still trying to see which frosting to put on top. I was once reading a blog post from a sex therapist that the main reason why marriages don’t last is because people don’t bring a full sexual, maturited experience. Due to the fact that people feel that they are not experiencing their full sexuality which they could be enjoying if they had variety.

When I have had experinced partners which I honestly love because not only do I grow from being around them we grow together. When individuals have had many relationships and sexual ones they understand what satifies them and what does not. They also could bring more pleasure and could be more open minded because new experinces bring more pleasure to ones life. For any individual who has more diversity in partners has a greater chance to pleasure there partner, but also bring more diverse perspective and knowledge.

Now we come back to the question; multiple partners or just a single one? The option is up to you, then again monogamy could be tough especially with all the research going against it. As a male a women would love that you are more experinced and could actually satify her in bed. As a women nothing is more attractive than when a women is comftorable within herself and sexuality.


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