Women Exposed Is It Wrong?

I was reading a blog which commented on how when a women exposes herself on social media “men” will just lust you and think of you as a whore and aren’t wife material. Understandably I see the other individual point, and they also mentioned about morals and apparently this shows your character which to some extent it does. Now let me tell you many people found this offensive and I found it immature and am male.

I personally thought this was just ridiculous and it is 2016 not 1950 where women had to dress in a certain fashion. Now women should wear whatever they feel like wearing and show it off too WHOEVER they feel like showing it too. If women want and desire validation on social media so what let them. I understand some individuals live with the older morals from older generations but you shouldn’t put someone else down just because you are insecure about yourself or because your husband or boyfriend is looking at her. If your heterosexual it is natural for you to desire to mate with attractive women we are still animals just with a bigger brain than most other mammals.

Now other point is not all males are going to think women are a whore just because you expose yourself. Honestly it comes down to who you are as a person, me as male if a women is wearing provocative clothe then I’ll be attracted but I won’t be like whore. I would admire her beauty and if am attracted to her why not talk to her. As a male you should be able to control yourself and understand that this women is okay with herself and isn’t ashamed about her sexuality. Another idea is if women is wearing provocative clothe this does not mean she is doing it for a male attention; which I am thinking maybe at a subconscious level she could be doing to mate. Sexologist is looking into human mating behaviors and why we dress, speak, behave, and other things to attract mates without being aware.

The last point was that women who are exposing themselves are not wifes material, this within it self is ignorant.We technically judge individuals within the first five-seconds of meeting them subconsciously. The problem with this is that many intelligent, attractive, provocative, good moral women go clubbing and other places. Just because an individual dresses a certain way does not mean their whole character revolves around that. I could point to many priest or politicians who dress a certain way and act in way’s which are shameful. Personally If women are provocative, sexy, attractive, intelligent, independent, secure, exciting, adventurous, outgoing, extrovert, caring, understanding and sexual I would choose her over a women who is “Good Morally and Wife¬†material” whatever that is.

Individuals need to read more and expand their minds to see new possibilities and other perspective instead of having close minds.

The link is in the bottom if you desire to go look at it.





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