Why Sex Therapy?

I was asked why did I choose to become a Sex Therapist over anything else. Good question and I will answer it fully.

Growing up with only women helped me understand women differently and helped me get a different perspective about women. Around the age of ten I got my heartbroken by a girl named Karen which I found kissing another guy. I told her I loved her and I thought I was attracting her and well I thought wrong. After that I wanted to know why was it that certain guy’s attracted women and other did not. Interestingly I became sexually active at the same age of ten which contributed to me becoming interested in sexuality.

In middle school which at the age of eleven I became interested in women more because of the hormones and puberty. Testosterone levels grew which made me more sexual and spending much time around women did not help the case. I noticed women where developing distinctive features at this age continued till high school instill adulthood. I notice is that when you emotionalize an idea your brain makes new neuron pathways to the amygdala which is where your emotions begin. This information is stored in your subconscious and could influence decision you might not be aware of. Within middle school I became more sexually active which contributed to me emotionalize the idea of sex which became a cycle. Having intercourse twenty times a week has positive effects on health and intelligence, but it could make you a sex addict.

This continued to high school and I got into big problems which let me down a road I never expected to be. At the age of eighteen I met many males which had a hard time understanding women and had sexual lifes that did not exist. At this point in my life I started reading extensively and I started seeing new possibilities and learning so much. I started to give advice to the males in this areas and I started to see them improving their life’s and being more happier. I always had a thing for helping people and I thought I could do this for a living. In reading a lot and having mentors and finding my passion I decided to become a sex therapist.

Being on this journey and making it into a business has taught me much and I have failed miserably many times. I have found new sides to myself which I never thought was possible for me to have. At the end of the day is my passion to help Man and Women to have better sexual life’s and relationships. It is really rewarding to see that you could impact another person.


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