The Power Of Erotica

The power of reading has many benefits such as

  • Expanding knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Working out the Prefrontal-Cortex

This is a few depending off course what you read. In recent times I have become interested in erotica and the stigma behind it, but also the benefits you could get out of reading erotica.

I have mentors and one mentor told me that I should read erotica. I asked why would I read erotica and he said to understand women fantasies. He explained that majority of erotica and romance buyers are women and obviously there something going on there. I understood was that to really explore fully what women are capable of I need to understand her most desired yearning sexually and emotionally. He also told me reading expands your mind and knowledge, you will be able to communicate better with women due to reading about sexuality and romance. My understanding of psychology I know that depending on your habits the brain will develop new neurons to reinforce those habits so you become more better in which ever habit you are developing.

A few statistics that I found where according too “Industry statistics from the Business of Consumer Book Publishing 2013” “show that the romance genre as a whole generated $1.438 billion in sales in 2012 and estimated at $1.350 billion for 2013. Romance buyers are buying ebooks to a greater extent when compared with other major fiction subgenres and e-book sales of romance books have proportionally doubled in one year, from 22% in Q1 2011 to 44% in Q1 2012.” This stats would be bigger now due to the fact that society is becoming more accepting of women sexuality.

The benefits I derived of reading erotica is that it did expand my imagination and knowledge of what women desire sexually and also some qualities in men. Erotica expanded my mind in the sense of ideas of how far you could really take a women not to mention of ideas to explore sexually. I became more able to converse with women about sexuality and became more attune to women needs and desires. The benefits of reading in general are astounding; it just shames how much knowledge is out there and people do not read.

One other aspect if your losing intrest in intercourse if you read about sexuality a bit more it will make you focus more on intercourse. This leads to a more positive cycle if you desire to have more intercourse in you’re life with a person or just new individuals. It also helps with couple who have run out of ideas of what to try and this leads to people being more expansive with relationships and intercourse. Like what I once heard whatever you focus on grows one way another.


8 thoughts on “The Power Of Erotica”

  1. It’s also a shame that there is so much erotica that is poorly written and, well, boring. There seems to be a common, over-used theme of the experienced lover breaking in his ingenue. *Yawn.* For all that women are experiencing a revolution that accepts our sexuality, we are still written into the same old roles.


      1. I’d like to see more strong women. That doesn’t necessarily negate a “chase”, but it would certainly mean more. Also, really what is the thrill of a weak, stupid woman becoming a man’s submissive? It’s more interesting if a woman has a different private persona versus her public face.

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      2. Have you ever wondered that maybe when it comes to sexuality a women would desire to be submissive? It could also be an ingrained instinct that man initiate courting, but am thinking social conditioning is playing a role.


      3. And, dude, if you’re going to say women are “instinctively” submissive, you are opening a whole LGBTQ can of worms about what sexuality really means.


      4. That is true; it could just be social conditioning. It is okay because everything is debatable, and there are primate species where women actually control the whole mating process and hierarchy. So in a sense am not incorrect, people might not like it but that is why people debate and expand their knowledge. If you read my articles then you would know I love women, It’s just I like to explore and talk about things people aren’t willing to discuss.


  2. Strong women make better submissives because it’s a conscious choice for them. Weak women being submissive is more like a victim just waiting for a perpetrator.


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