Helping others

Today I choose to talk about something that was on my mind yesterday. Maybe I read to much or a pay attention to individuals who have reach places farther from me or maybe I am just compassionate. When I read books the one advice that I always see is help others, this includes business. It makes me wonder why helping other individuals is such a benefit to one personal well being. How would the world be different if we choose to help other individuals more often?

One of the things that I really enjoy is helping other people; not only does it feel good but it makes a difference in another person life. Seeing another person smile because you solved a person problem is worth more than money in my opinion. The good chemicals released in your brain such as dopamine shows that is for survival reasons to help others  we are social creatures. At times with are busy schedules we tend to forget to help other people, but what if we choose to help others more consistently?

This is a personal belief, but really taking the time to sit down and understand someone and yes actually listen could make the difference in a person life. How about a person about to sucicde but you decided to help out; you never know when a little smile could make a difference. One of the greatest feelings I believe is helping other individuals. Just knowing that as a person you have the power to change someones future is a great responsibility but also an empowerment to be there for people. Why not make it a challenge to help someone out today, even a smile could make a difference.


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