Shame and Sexuality

One of the aspects I have notice regarding sexuality is that so many people are ashamed of there bodies or sexuality in general. I have grown to see this in women and in males particular with women, but why is that people are so ashamed of their sexuality, desires, or there bodies. I will not be referencing in this blog post; it was more of an idea that popped into my mind.

Culture tends to develop a person one way or another; different cultures around the world make people behave differently. This is one reason why a person traveling to another culture might not understand why a person behaves the way they behave. In some cultures and religion individuals are forced to marry before being sexually active with anyone and if you go against the rules you are dammed or deemed as a bad person. Many people look for love and caring from their family; and imagine being seen bad for enjoying your sexuality? Not to mention in some cultures a women clitoris is chopped of because the man are afraid of a women enjoying to much pleasure and she might cheat.

Sexual abuse is a sensitive topic because people are forced to give there bodies up for another person pleasure or for wealth. Many traumas are hardwired into are brain because the trauma is emotionalized so are brain will remember the event and might unconsciously be affecting are decisions. This entirely is unfair because sexual consent should be something that two or three or four individuals should agree on. When a person is forced to anything they desire not to do it could affect them in many psychological ways.

Social media portrays sexuality or an image that people should live up to. This could make people belief that if  a person does not live up to such image they feel they are worthless. I see this more with women when they are buying many products to look as beautiful as possible to please another individual. Or when women diet to such extremes to live up to an image which at times takes more dedication than most people could possibly give. This reflects when individuals are having intercourse and all of a sudden they become ashamed or respond negatively when touched or being naked a front of an individual.

A penis and a vagina is natural for humans to have, this is not something which we should be ashamed about. The human body is very attractive and appealing it is not something a person should be ashamed of showing if they so choose to. Sexual consent is something that should be practiced and not forced upon. Sexual education for anyone at any age is something that is certainly recommended to expand once knowledge, but also improve ones sexual life.


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