Why Women Get Attached Faster Than Man

One of the observations I have noticed is that women get attached faster than man and I hear women complaining often about this. I wondered why in general males tend to get attached much slower than women. One thing you will have to remember is that biology plays a big part in courting and mating.

There are two hormones we will have to pay attention to that have a great impact when having intercourse and afterwards. One of the chemicals is called Oxytocin “A hormone made in the brain that plays a role in childbirth and lactation by causing muscles to contract in the uterus (womb) and the mammary glands in the breast. Animal studies have shown that oxytocin also has a role in pair bonding, mate-guarding, and social memory.” When having intercourse and about to climax the brain “Oxytocin is a peptide (a compound consisting of 2 or more amino acids) that is secreted by the hypothalamus and transported to the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland at the base of the brain” Yes every brain in a human being is very advanced. Basically what they are saying is that oxytocin is release after intercourse which gives you the feeling of relax and comfort and this aura feeling.

The one other major hormone is testosterone which is largely known for sexual drive and making a man more aggressive. Every individual has testosterone but it varies upon males and females. There has been studies in mice in which males who have more testosterone get attached less and are less likely to be protective off their offspring. The reason is that testosterone counters oxytocin and estrogen. An example “Considering the parallel inhibitory effects of testosterone on both pup sensitization and number of OT neurons, we postulate that sex differences in parental responsiveness facilitated by repeated pup exposure were caused by an inhibitory effect of testosterone via the OT neural system in mice.” In other words the more testosterone a mice had the more likely they would not get attached.

Females have less testosterone in general so they get attached more easily for parenting reasons. If a male has little bit of testosterone and releases oxytocin he will more likely be monogamous and stay faithful. The less sexual drive he will have will show in his parenting manners and less in having intercourse with various partners.

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