My Erotic Story

Once I am established as a sex Therapist I will expand my self to write erotica, thank to a good friend who edits my stuff this little story came to live. I appreciate the help she gives me and I hope you guys enjoy. Any improvements or comments are more than welcome so I could be a better writer.


I am proud of how healthy I am being a 37-year-old West Los Angeles Health professor. I am quite bored often doing the same mundane things everyday and each year. On February 11, 2012 was the start of a new school and meant new faces. A girl that appeared to be 19 had walked in through the room. She had straight black hair, wore square framed glasses, and had a timid walk. As she walked timidly, her firm thighs caught my attention. Could she have been an athlete? Perhaps she was a volleyball or soccer player? Her body was like wine with that round shaped ass and with a cleavage that spoke of many seasons of growth. For the first time in years I felt an intense desire that I do not even get towards my wife. A voice in my head warned me to keep the distance or else I would not resist.

As class begun, I told everyone to take their books out for Health 11. Before I began to lecture, I told everyone to say his or her name in front of the class. Her name was Jazmine and she said her name with such a low voice and I wondered if she lacked confidence? I was focused on this captivating girl too much. What has me so mesmerized, is it her timidness, youth, or physique? Jesus! It was only the first day and I could already imagine her bending over for me!
“Fuck!” I thought.
I had to behave. She stayed after class and asked for extra work. I asked myself, “Extra credit on the first day?!”
She was obviously an A student. I wondered how far would she go for that letter grade.
I thought, “God she is getting to me!”
I told her to relax and enjoy her first few days of school, it was too soon for extra credit. She gave me a half timid smile and walked away.

On Thursday, I was eager to see her walk through the door and she did not disappoint, she was wearing a short skirt with high socks and a strapless shirt. Do people call that matching now? Well I didn’t think too much of it because all I could think

about is her beauty.

My fantasies started carrying me away as a month passed. She would come in before class to talk to me and stay after class to complete her homework. She would spend extra time regularly that I even thought she must have liked me because she was flirting with me. Was I imagining this? God! I knew I had to be professional about the situation I cannot get involved with my student!

As the last two weeks of class were approaching on April 20, 2012 I had reacted. Today she came in with a short skirt again, but this time without high knee socks. She wore a revealing shirt that exposed her perfect cleavage. I was way over my head and lusted for her. This primal feeling of wanting to bend her over and shove my cock into her was driving me insane. I wondered how loud she could moan. She stayed again after class and I closed the door. She gave me a little timid smile and acted nervously when I looked at her. Jazmine was working on the health project I gave out two weeks ago. She fumbled her pencil and completely blushed. As soon as I tried to pick it up she ended in my arms. I could not resist myself any longer and ignore this gorgeous woman who was at her prime. Fuck! Her cleavage was just asking to be stroked and played with. I soon felt my hard on and by the looks of it Jazmine did too. She got up quickly and blushed even harder while looking at my boner. “I have to go,” she said.
I grabbed her hand and brought her closer to me while I told her not to. She did not hesitate and I could feel her massive chest while I kissed her and she passionately kissed me back with a low moan. We were currently on the top floor and it was around 8pm, no one would be able to hear us. This was my fantasy; this was all I wanted for the past two months. I wanted her and I could tell she wanted me as well. I kissed her and pushed her against the wall with force. She was ecstatic that I was not gentle with her. My wife couldn’t even make me feel this alive! Wow, she was biting her lips and moving her hips against my cock. I tore off her shirt, I didn’t care anymore I wanted her naked. Wow! They were the most beautiful breasts I have ever

seen; they were nice, round, and perky. They were far from being saggy and small. I rubbed and kissed them, I even bit the nipples and she responded with a loud moan. I immediately thought we were going to get caught, but I didn’t care I just wanted her. I grabbed her and I bent her over my desk. Who wouldn’t want to fuck their teacher? I pulled up her skirt and tore off her underwear. She was laying on the table looking at me with desire. Her eyes told me to fuck her like I never fucked anyone before. I didn’t hesitate to take off my clothes and she asked if I had a condom and I told her I didn’t, but I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by so I shoved my cock into her vagina and I swear I could have climaxed instantly! Her wetness was pouring down and her young pussy was tight; either she was a virgin or have not had sex in a while. Her moan echoed across the room and even down the hall. Fuck! How hot is this? I began to pound her softer to see if she could take in my full erect penis in her. She moaned and asked me to fuck her harder as I gladly did. My throbbing penis inside her vagina felt like heaven as she was breathing harder and harder. Lustfully, I picked her skirt up and spanked her right cheek hard and she jerked forward and let out a loud moan. I was going to be rough, I spanked her other cheek as she drove her nails in the table and gave out another moan. She cried out for more and I spanked her again. This girl was so kinky she desired a rough hand. I got out of her and went down on her on the table, her vagina was really pink and smelled aroused. The smell was beautiful, I licked her clitoris and she came almost instantly, it landed on my face and the taste turned me on so I turned her around, grabbed her, picked her up and put her against the window while I fucked her against it. I hope no one was outside looking at me fucking this young woman.



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