The Power Of Desire

I have had recently some new experiences in which I got to feel new feelings and the trill of something that is considered taboo. I desired something new in my life so I decided to take the leap and see where it got me. Under certain other circumstances I wouldn’t do such things; but I live for risk and new experiences. About a few days ago I was flown out to Sacramento for a trip to meet a few businessman who have taken an interest in some of the things I do. All expenses paid for and stayed in a condo; this is where the stories starts.

Arriving around the time of eleven in the morning to Sacramento I was a little exhilarated for the possibilities of what could happen today. Sacramento is rather small for being the capital of California; was taken to the condo and it was beautiful. I new what luxury was when I stepped into the room; everything was brand and nothing less, the service was highest quality and was treated like family and someone important. At around 12:30 I was summoned yes thats how the hostess said to me; already in suit and tie I was ready to meet this powerful man. The meeting was held in the 17 floor with a round table with six individuals sitting around and I was the sixth.

Sitting with this men I could tell no bullshit was allowed and the confidence in this room was something I never felt before. I was rather a little intimidated but I new powerful people like powerful people so I had to be assertive if not this won’t happen. I can’t disclose what happen in the meeting but lets just say I met some new friends. Around 1:30 I walked out and started too walk towards the condo, was offered a ride but decided to explore. On the walk I seen an elderly women who I new was older than me but had features of an 25 year old.

The women name was Alissa black hair,120, 5’4, 32 C waist and curves that would make most younger women envy her. Her hair was well taken care of and she walked with confidence but with a sense of humbleness which caught my attention. I immediately went to talk to her which she was shocked and I asked her if she was in her early thirties and she blushed and said no am fifty. I was taken back I was like fifty? Alissa said yes, I said you look much younger what do you do to stay looking the way you do. Yes, I was flattering but at the same time I meant what I said. She laughed and smiled and said thank you and said I just wash my face do a lot exerciseing and just eat and enjoy life. I new if I wanted to expand this I would have to make the conversation more emotional so I amped up my emotions and I started to see the different tone she took. She was holding my eye contact which I seen as mature and confident within herself which aroused me more.

The conversation became more playful and we started walking and she new I wasn’t from here and asked where you stay at? I thought wow she knows what she wants or she just being polite? I told her the address and she said lets go with a playful smile and touched my elbow. I couldn’t help but smile and wonder if she new about touching and body language. We got to the condo and she asked if I was hungry and I said yes; I asked if she new how to cook, answered yes and teased me for asking. Time went by it was getting late; I found out a lot about her and It was getting around to Six and I went to the bedroom when I came back out the black dress that clung to her body was gone and she was wearing a black laced Victoria Secret braw and panties to match. Alissa smiled and asked if this is what I wanted, I was hypnotized by her beauty and just taking the risk. Decisive she is; this is what I love about older women who know what they want and go for it. I believe this come’s with time and knowing that what society dictates is a bunch of false knowledge.

The details are not necessary but she fell asleep afterwards and I was looking out towards Sacramento,  just contemplating life and wondering why certain things did not go out as planned. Wondering deeply if I could’ve done something differently if not to learn from my experiences and move along. I tend to contemplate things deeper and feel the depth of why some things hurt and other feel great. I attract good things into my life and great individuals to my life. Looking back at the beautiful women in my bed I couldn’t help but wonder if that could’ve of been someone else smiling back to me. Many possibilities and many things that life offers; sometimes we have to understand and just smile.


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