Last night before falling asleep I was wondering about dating and intercourse and how one or the other lead to intimacy. Then I was wondering why we are attracted to a person and I came up with a few ideas. Interestingly today in the morning I was hearing a mentor talking about a community where guys receive advice on dating. I have no problem with the dating industry just that you have to be careful to who you hear; but this community reminded me of man having a negative view on women or just upset for a bad experience. Also not saying all women are nice and gentle and caring is the same for man.

I will show you a few sections of the advice man are receiving on attracting women on this specific forum. ” I usually don’t ask questions like, “When are you free?” or, “What’s your schedule?” Unless we’ve already met and fucked. It gives her a chance to think (women are bad at this) and make a choice (women are worse at this).” “Even before you go out on the date you should be looking in the mirror reminding yourself how lucky this bitch is to go out with you. You are the prize.”Take that bitch to laser tag. Take her to a walk in the woods and fuck her on a park bench. Take that bitch out to drinks then get dinner after you’ve already felt her up (Then feel her up more at dinner), Cook dinner at your place (My personal favorite), do anything you can to break away from the traditional dinner for two stereotypical date. Throw some danger and adventure at that ho.”

When I was reading this I was like some individuals have bad emotions associated with women. I understand to a certain degree because we have had a bad encounter with the opposite sex or same-sex. At times I have wondered what women desire or if I did something wrong. I believe as humans we wonder this things and their not always something you could do. The only problem with this is that man who follow this are going to have future bad relationships or are going to hurt someone and then someone else will get hurt.

I was once told that you attract people to who you are as a person. Essentially the world around you is a reflection of who you are. I could honestly say I was here once and I had an interesting life; then again I wasn’t always fulfilled emotionally. It kind of sucks seeing that other people are being badly informed and will follow that advice and hurt other people. Relationships could be a little complicated and confusing to navigate and seduction could be fun, am pretty sure women and man out their sometimes wonder if their doing the right thing or not sure what to do next.


2 thoughts on “Seduction”

  1. Plenty of bad advice in the world. Frankly there is only one thing a woman or man should do. Be yourself and let the chips fall where they may. All the rest is manipulation which holds only one promise…that it will fail.


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