Sex Routine

I once heard that people get bored with intercourse because it becomes routine and I thought could something this amazing and interesting become dull? Off course we have to understand that everyone has different schedules, different lifestyles and have different priorities. Once we reach adult hood most of us stop learning, if we pick up a book is cause we are force too. This means most individuals sex life stagnates the same way everything else does. Today we will be talking about a few positions that could bring a new form of experience, don’t worry their basic and doesn’t require much flexibility or killing yourself.

Many position’s you already do could be modified essentially add a little different twist and could stimulate other regions in the vaginal. One of them is missionary position which essentially the man is lying on top of the women, this is the position in which maybe everyone who has had intercourse has experienced. This position could stimulate the clitoris if you do a rocking motion. One way to modify this position is by putting a solid pillow which does not fold in under pressure much. Place the pillow under her lower back and above her butt to raise the pelvis. This would allow a more diagonal entry which allows to stimulate other regions within the vaginal.


Another form off modifying missionary position is for the man to be on his knees and the women to have her legs held by the partner in the air. You could also have one leg down and one up and switch them when you desire to or just have both of her legs two the side of the man knees to relax. Depending on this different positions the depth of penetration and motion could be very stimulating. As a man when you are on your knees do a motion of upwards to stimulate the g-spot. Be careful if your above average in penis size cause it could hurt the women in the depth you are going in her.


In the above positions you could still put a pillow under and see what is more satisfying and stimulating. Remember if the women is engorged because the vaginal is made of the same tissue like the penis so it gets puffy the women will feel more due to the fact that the interior walls are puffy and the surrounding area of penis will add friction to the walls.

One more advice in intercourse the way to last longer is to not get overtly excited, it’s rather calming down. The PNS  also know as Parasympathetic system “The part of the involuntary nervous system that serves to slow the heart rate, increase intestinal and glandular activity, and relax the sphincter muscles” Essentially this is the system that relax’s you, during intercourse breathe in thru your nose slowly this will help you stay calm instead of speeding up. You add this with kegel exercises and you could last as long as you want to with practice.

One other advice is when males are having intercourse they don’t go all the way out and in. Basically it’s like you’re using half the penis instead of the full size. Also going all the way out in and in could stimulate the nerve endings in the opening of the vaginal; this is very arousing and could be in a sense teasing. Yes to some degree this requires discipline and meditation helps, but if you desire more experiences sexually you have to try out new things.

Parasympathetic Nervous system

Sympathetic Nervous System


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