Dualities of Relationships

I haven’t done much research into this topic, but it is something that am curious. Have you ever been around someone and you feel like this energy from them? With some individuals you automatically gravitate with them because of confidence and power, and other individuals they have this calm vibe about them. I once had a mentor talk to me about masculinity and femininity regarding the different poles and how it’s necessary to lean on one side to attract the other.

The way my mentor told me was in an analogy ” masculinity it’s like a train even if it rains or there obstacles etc you have to keep moving without stopping, there needs to be a direction and move steadfast towards it. Feminine energy is more like the passengers in the train enjoying themselves knowing that they will be taken care of. ” To me it kind of made sense, but I did not fully comprehend that in the moment till about a week ago.

During a visit to a city I met a women who was acting rather masculine; the way she spoke and acted reminded me of a male. It felt like during the whole conversation there was no attraction but more of conflict. She referred herself to as a ” Dike” I was rather intrigued and asked further questions. Then I notice that when I sit with a feminine women I could see am rather attracted or the women appeals to me. The energy of a person just feels different or you could just refer to their personalities.

One thing is for certain there is a dominant and a submissive person in relationships. I notice and read upon that for a relationship to work there has to be a dominant individual and a submissive individual. This does not mean being passive all the time; but usually or not one individual takes lead while the other follow. One way to tell who is dominant in a relationship is to look who has their hand on top. The person who is submissive has it in the bottom, don’t think this true? Change positions of your hands and see if it “Feels” right.


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