My Perspective On Sex

I know recently I haven’t been publishing much research on intercourse which I will starting tomorrow. Today is a bit more personal, but honestly keeping an open mind you could learn from someone else experience and knowledge.

I believe intercourse should be exhilarating and should take you higher than any ecstasy pill could take you. No I have not done drugs but I know the effects of a strong drug, sex should leave you panting, sweating, with the desire of taking your partner again. The heavy breathing of wow that was awesome; the look of your partner being satisfied and with such a big smile. The desire of seeing you’re partner walk thru the doors and having the deep desire of ravishing her or him up to you.

When you think about intercourse I imagine the passion of having the women I desire asking for more not being annoyed. It should never be a duty it should be more of both partners wanting to have intercourse. Sex is something to look forward to and enjoyed and craved for. An experience to be in the present moment with the person you are with; not in your thoughts somewhere a million miles away. Having dopamine and adrenaline  running in your veins from the excitement of being with that person or multiple off course.

Intercourse shouldn’t be something that you have to do because you are married or suppose to do. It shouldn’t be a chore at 10 P.M cause it petty sex to give to your partner. It’s not the expression like have you ejaculated yet? Or not even into intercourse cause you are millions of miles somewhere else. Or having intercourse because you are bored or need a little excitement; just understand whatever your perspective is the results you will get.



Amazing Intercourse

I am always intrigued by what could make intercourse more pleasurable or more intense. When reading about sexuality the more intense intercourse tends to lean on more of the aggressive side and emotions involved. Then there is also Vanilla intercourse mix with emotion which could also make  a night memorable. Lets dwell into what really makes intercourse amazing or intense. This will be from personal experience and speaking to I believe a hundred or so people regarding intercourse.

I notice a trend regarding what makes intercourse amazing or memorable there has to be some emotion involved. This off course could vary from Love too Desire and across the spectrum. Then the context and with whom you are with and how experienced the partner  is. There are a few variables, but lets keep it simple and see how this add’s dimensions to intercourse within itself.

Emotions are there for survival reasons and also gives us humans as far as we know a different view in life. When with a long term partner who you may have a connection with could lead to loving intercourse. The vasporeicine and dopamine and serotine put together will give you a good after feeling and feeling secure with a partner you are with. What if it’s a one night stand? The anticipation and desire of being with a stranger is an aphrodisiac that could be very intoxicating. Off course the taboo part of it and biological side of passing down genes might add to the excitement. If you remember when you had the best intercourse some form of emotion was involved.  Regarding emotion it would vary among the situation and who is involved which leads to with whom?

If we are sincere having intercourse with the same individual over a long period of time could get dull if variety and new exciting adventures are not brought into the relationship. Also learning about intercourse not to many individuals set time aside to improve the quality of sex or relationships. At times people get into long term relationships and ether one partner is not experienced or both are not. Off course this could be worked on, but if one partner is experienced if not both intercourse could be enjoyed to a much more higher degree. I was told by a friend that they prefer going into a relationship before intercourse, I have a different opinion. I believe it is better to taste the frosting before taking the whole cake.

The context or the setting in where sex will be happening will add a feeling of danger or just make sex feel much more safe. Warning be aware that open communication is essential and be aware of your state laws ETC. If you ever have been in the situation where you could be caught it adds a sense of danger to sex. This off course releases adrenaline and much needed dopamine to make the situation more exciting. Having intercourse in places where you could get caught makes you have other emotions which will make you more addicted to your partner. The brain is basically a machine which looks for patterns; If you routinely have intercourse in the same settings it becomes dull and boring because you could predict the outcome.

Basically if you desire amazing sex then you need emotions involved with someone preferably that has the experience. Have variety and always try to do something new, you could try BDSM, Swinging, Positions, Tantra, Toys. Honestly give your partner or partners  a reason to want to have sex with you. Don’t complain or wine when your partner leaves you because you disregarded them.

IS Jealousy Neccessary

I always regarded jealousy as an emotion that it’s a faint feeling which should just be regarded with little interest. Jealousy off course comes in different strength depending on the individual you speak to. Some individuals get very jealous while other’s people pay little to no attention to it. Reading a book titled ” The Dangerous Passion Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex” By David M. Buss, Ph.D has given me a new perspective on why jealousy might actually be biological and it’s a natural feeling to have.

Many individuals feel jealousy as an insecurity or a feeling they get when they see someone they beloved flirting or doing something intimate with someone else. Apparently jealousy could be a feeling we feel because are intimate partners might be doing something with someone else, like a hidden signal. According David M. Buss, Ph.D ” A young couple, Joan and Richard, came to her with a complaint of irrational jealousy. Without provocation, Richard would burst into jealous tirades and accuse Joan of sleeping with another man. His uncontrollable jealousy was destroying their marriage. Richard and Joan both agreed on this point. Could the therapist help cure Richard of irrational jealousy? A common practice in couple therapy is to have at least one session with another member of the couple individually. The first question the therapist posed to Joan during this individual interview was: are you having an affair? She burst into tears and confessed that, indeed, she had been carrying on an affair for the past six months.” Interestingly the man somehow new subconsciously that his wife was indeed having an affair with his wife.

I was curious when a women would most likely have an affair and ” The numbers rose dramatically across the ovarian cycle, peaking precisely at the point of maximum fertility, and then declining rapidly during the luteal phase after ovulation. Women, of course, can experience sexual desire at any phase of their cycle. Nonetheless, they are five times more likely to experience sexual desire when they are ovulating than when they are not.” When a man is partnered to a women they actually tend to text more often around this period of time; like inherently know the possibilities.

Also another reason jealousy acquires is when a man believes he cannot satisfy the women he is with. One of the reason marriages at times don’t work is because of intercourse satisfaction. This sounds intently of insecurity but true ” A man’s inability to satisfy his partner sexually, real or imagined, appears to be a powerful trigger of sex-ual jealousy. The therapist of one couple entering treatment for the husband’s pathological jealousy noted that the wife talked about her former lovers “all of the time and speaks disdainfully about the sexual performance of her husband.”Sexual dissatisfaction is linked with marital unhappiness, which is a good predictor of divorce. In my study of 107 married couples, we found that some women and men ex-pressed a variety of complaints about their partner’s sexual behavior. Some complained that their partner refused to have sex with them, declared a lack of interest in having sexual relations”. The theory is that when a partner is losing interest with the other partner it is saying they will seek better genes or more quality partner somewhere else. This is off course aiming at the pure biological aspect of are nature; that we are here to pass are genes to the best mate possible.

There is a tone of information in the book regarding jealousy linking it to much information about are biological animal side. It seems like jealousy might actually be a signal for us to be aware that an intimate partner might be unfaithful. Then again it could also just be deep rooted insecurities in the person. At the end of the day insecurities do tend to break up relationships and just going by instinct might not be the always sure way to go about something.

The Dangerous Passion Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex


The other day I was having an interesting conversation about my life with someone close to me about being realistic and being a dreamer. Off course I understood where they as a person was coming from and at the end of the day I respect people opinion, but this is my ideas and beliefs about dreaming.

Not everyone desires a Ferrari 458 Italia or a huge sky scraper in downtown Los Angeles. Then again people believe something is unrealistic because “it is to good to be true”. Not sure how anything could to good to be true? Sounds like lack of confidence or your own personal worth. I do understand that people are afraid but then again if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone and go after what you really desire how do you really expect to live. Like how do you expect to really see your true potential if you don’t give yourself a chance to really strive.

Nothing has never been really accomplished by being ” realistic”, ever great thing done to advance humanity has been done by dreaming and people daring to strive for something more. People settle for less, they want a new Honda and I am thinking why not have the whole dealership? People get excited for getting a .50 cents raise and I am thinking why not get a million dollar raise. Some individuals are excited being in a cubicle for a company and I am thinking why not own the company.

I say strive for the best don’t be contempt with the small stuff, literally thinking a 401K or social security will take care of you once you retire is the life then you are in for a rude awakening. I say why settle for less when we both know we all deserve the best, don’t let people destroy your dreams rather use that to fuel them. Also money is not bad it just amplifies who you are as a person, if you are nice you will just be nicer and actually be able to contribute that money to charities and help other people. I say Dream as much as possible and give yourself the opportunity to be great and not settle for anything less than what you are really worth.