The other day I was having an interesting conversation about my life with someone close to me about being realistic and being a dreamer. Off course I understood where they as a person was coming from and at the end of the day I respect people opinion, but this is my ideas and beliefs about dreaming.

Not everyone desires a Ferrari 458 Italia or a huge sky scraper in downtown Los Angeles. Then again people believe something is unrealistic because “it is to good to be true”. Not sure how anything could to good to be true? Sounds like lack of confidence or your own personal worth. I do understand that people are afraid but then again if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone and go after what you really desire how do you really expect to live. Like how do you expect to really see your true potential if you don’t give yourself a chance to really strive.

Nothing has never been really accomplished by being ” realistic”, ever great thing done to advance humanity has been done by dreaming and people daring to strive for something more. People settle for less, they want a new Honda and I am thinking why not have the whole dealership? People get excited for getting a .50 cents raise and I am thinking why not get a million dollar raise. Some individuals are excited being in a cubicle for a company and I am thinking why not own the company.

I say strive for the best don’t be contempt with the small stuff, literally thinking a 401K or social security will take care of you once you retire is the life then you are in for a rude awakening. I say why settle for less when we both know we all deserve the best, don’t let people destroy your dreams rather use that to fuel them. Also money is not bad it just amplifies who you are as a person, if you are nice you will just be nicer and actually be able to contribute that money to charities and help other people. I say Dream as much as possible and give yourself the opportunity to be great and not settle for anything less than what you are really worth.


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