My Perspective On Sex

I know recently I haven’t been publishing much research on intercourse which I will starting tomorrow. Today is a bit more personal, but honestly keeping an open mind you could learn from someone else experience and knowledge.

I believe intercourse should be exhilarating and should take you higher than any ecstasy pill could take you. No I have not done drugs but I know the effects of a strong drug, sex should leave you panting, sweating, with the desire of taking your partner again. The heavy breathing of wow that was awesome; the look of your partner being satisfied and with such a big smile. The desire of seeing you’re partner walk thru the doors and having the deep desire of ravishing her or him up to you.

When you think about intercourse I imagine the passion of having the women I desire asking for more not being annoyed. It should never be a duty it should be more of both partners wanting to have intercourse. Sex is something to look forward to and enjoyed and craved for. An experience to be in the present moment with the person you are with; not in your thoughts somewhere a million miles away. Having dopamine and adrenaline  running in your veins from the excitement of being with that person or multiple off course.

Intercourse shouldn’t be something that you have to do because you are married or suppose to do. It shouldn’t be a chore at 10 P.M cause it petty sex to give to your partner. It’s not the expression like have you ejaculated yet? Or not even into intercourse cause you are millions of miles somewhere else. Or having intercourse because you are bored or need a little excitement; just understand whatever your perspective is the results you will get.



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