The Heat of Passion

I felt like writing today and something I felt like expressing hope you enjoy.

The first time I seen you I knew I didn’t have to look no further. In that moment we made eye contact I seen you felt the same way. Earth itself could have fallen away been destroyed a million times over and it wouldn’t matter. I knew in my heart all that mattered was that you where there. Hearing you’re voice was like hearing Canon D Major beautiful and eloquent. Tasting you’re lips is an indescribable sensation that I have never felt before till I tasted your tender lips. Grabbing you firmly from the waist I new it must be a crime to look the way you look; if Victoria Secret new how you look you would be chosen every year with no competition. Now laying on top of you looking into your eyes as I penetrate you. Holding you’r gaze as I firmly grab your thighs, no drug could compare how you make me feel. You became my drug, the ecstasy of feeling you.



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