Not Always About Intercourse

I believe there this myth that we man always desire intercourse when it isn’t true, off course this varies from man to man. I’ll give an example about one week ago I visited one of my friends named Juan. It was a little get together with old friends; he has a sister and she brought over friends; six guys and six women I wondered if it  was a coincidence. One women caught my attention, but the sister being nineteen I figured her friend would be around the same age. Her name was Carolina very energetic and smiling and happy but I notice she has a bit of attitude and pushy I wondered why. Interesting in of most of the guys where trying to get her attention I wanted to see how she responded. Most of them she ignored or just smiled and was polite to have small talk. I didn’t blame them Carolina was a mixture of Mexican/Puerto Rican, Brown Hair that reached her lower back, Toned thighs and legs found out she plays soccer. Thin has the hour-glass physique, 5’5, 135, Light Green eye’s, small pink lips and a light brown skin tone. On the Specific day she was wearing leggings and she has the firm round medium size butt that has to be gotten from to many squats ( She Admitted to this later ). A very tight Brown Strap less shirt which showed a very firm cleavage which must have taken many summer seasons.  In other words she is very attractive and appealed to all the man there, but in my mind I was more concerned with work and didn’t really bother speaking to her for the moment.

It was getting late around 10 pm when finally we met one another gaze, she held my gaze for about a minute and I could see confidence in her eyes. I felt the tension between us too and it seemed like eternity. She finally broke the eye contact and I was intrigued, but I asked my friend Juan if I could go to his room to work. The conversation the guys and girls where having didn’t intrigue me. The usual FB or social media jokes and pop stars conversation I didn’t think any of that was important. He understood and lead me into his room in the second floor; his parents where out of town for a couple of days that’s the only way he could have this little get together. The sister room was right next to Juan room and I could hear his sister Jazmine and Caroline talking with the other four friends. I heard them talking about the guys and I heard one of them mentioned who I was. I got along with Jazmine well in off to have a prolong conversation about life etc. From what i could hear I heard mentioned that I am studying to be a sex therapist and working on a few businesses. I couldn’t help but smile a bit and notice that Jazmine seems to be more interested in me than I thought. One of the girl’s Cindy mentioned that I was in Juan room and giggled and said why don’t we just talk to him. Meanwhile I was trying to focus on my work and just wondering how this night might turn into something more.

Five minutes later the all six girls entered the room and Jazmine spoke up and said hi I could see you up here working. I nodded and said yes off course I kind of enjoy working more than socializing at times. Juan room wasn’t that big a 42″ Plasmas TV, a single bed and a Ps4 and Xbox360 and the walls painted white nothing special. Jazmine was Gorgeous herself; fully Latina Black hair, hazel eyes, small waist and frame and a very competitive but nice personality at the same time. I was more curious how come they came here instead of being with the guys; I asked her how come you guys came here. Jazmine said you don’t want us here? ( With a small smile) like if I offended her and I said no its more than fine just curious as usual. Her response was I mentioned to the girls you are studying sex and relationships and they wanted to ask you a few questions. I looked at all the girls and just nodded my head and said okay.

I was asked the usual questions about why guys are dicks or tend to act in certain ways. A few sex stories that got the girls excited and just laughing and what are the best positions to have orgasms. Nothing to deep or personal just the general questions; then Carolina asked why guys are afraid of going up to women and being honest. This was a little different but I held her gaze and It’s because people are afraid of fear and rejection. I kept her gaze and waited for her to respond I think the other girls sense the chemistry in the air while Juan came in saying woo why everyone here not at the party. Then he said we are going to go buy alcohol who wants to come everyone said I do and Jazmine said we could take the Navigator. Everyone left the room and I stayed working on my stuff when Caroline opens the door and looks at me; I asked if everyone left she says yes, how come you didn’t go? I decided to stay cause am not a big fan of alcohol plus I wanted to talk to you about more personal stuff.

I knew I had to get some work done so a bit talking would distract me, but I decided I needed a break ether way. She was leaning on the wall where the door open to the room so she was only like five feet away. She started talking to me about her past and a few boyfriend’s and sexual experiences and about family problems and essentially her life. I always find this interesting how people open up to me very fast and become comfortable around me. I just listened and listened and asked questions; the way she was telling me about her history seem like more of what would I do; like seeing what my reaction was. I just had to give her a half-smile and wonder what her intentions where. I was more curious what exactly I wanted to do with her; if I wanted a sexual relationship or more? At the same time she seem young and a little immature so that didn’t necessarily catch my attention. She also seem a little pushy so I was like hmm; I could she was interested in me and her body language send the same signals.

This is when things got interesting because she was telling me about guy’s she was messing with thru text. I took a mental note and she said now in days guys text thru abbreviations and seduce in that sense? I was curious and asked how is that, she said guys say things like SMU which apparently means ( Suck My Dick) I was like that what they say. She said yes and just laughed and I was like I enjoy seducing in a different way. She said how is that? I’ll show you. I got up and I extend my hand out to her she gave me her hand; with my right hand I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in. I could hear her breathing and it got very shallow while we held one another gaze. I held her close to me while my hands got firmer on her hips and she lets out a low moan. I got closer to her lips smelling her perfume which was intoxicating. She went in to kiss me and I backed of and moved away and smiled and said slow down. your breathing got a little heavy; she looked away and smiled.

I got back to work while she walked away; five minutes later she came back and smiled and asked what exactly was my work. I smiled and explained it was internet marketing which she was a little bewildered but smiled. Her eyes showed desire, but she seem to be hesitant to do anything. I figured if something is going to happen I will have to be the dominant one. From my understanding she was really inexperienced with just being with two partners; I decided to having intercourse with her. I got up pushed her against the wall Got her left leg held it firmly with my left hand and pushed my penis into her vagina she moaned and groan with my right hand I caressed her ass and guided my hand to her cleavage. I kissed her slowly but passionately I wanted to let her know she was mine for the time being. I grabbed her by the waist spun her around and pushed her onto the bed. Placing my hand on her lower back put some weight on it and held her firmly; slapped her ass with my left hand and pulled her hair with my right. She moaned loudly in off for anyone to be in the house to hear her.

I told her to wait while I grabbed a condom from my bag pack it on held her firmly grabbed her legging brought them down and she was wearing a Victoria Secret thong a purple with white lacing. I inserted my index and middle finger to stroke her g-spot slowly to see how sensitive she was. She cried out of pleasure and moaned while she was telling me to please be gentle cause she hasn’t had sex in two years. I smiled and said okay; I believed her. Having her in doggy style position I stroked her clitoris and g-spot rather roughly and she let out such loud moans I felt like I was pushing her to far. I could feel her vagina clenching and releasing I knew she was close to climaxing. Her moans getting louder her body shaking and moving rapidly back and forth while holding her down she told me to stop she couldn’t take it but I pushed on I wanted her to climax both ways, she stop breathing and her vagina squishing my fingers and she let out a loud groan and was breathing fast. I stopped stroking her to let her rest a bit and I held her firmly with my left hand and inserted my fingers again and stroke rapidly her g-spot. She moaned and cried for me to stop she couldn’t take it and I went on and gripping the bed hard she let out a big cry of pleasure climaxing again and again. She asked me to fuck her already and I said no till am ready; she let out a loud cry of pleading and I said fine.

Knowing she would be engorged now and her vagina walls being really sensitive I inserted myself into her and she wasn’t kidding about not having sex. She let out a gasp for air and held the covers so tightly while scratching the covers from the pain and pleasure she felt. I took it slowly for her to adjust to me; I could see her holding her hair tightly and I understood. She adjusted to me and I started to speed up and started moaning for me faster and asking for me to go harder. I see someone was in the mood; with my left hand I turn my hand and slapped her ass hard and she yelled out of pleasure and pain. She asked me to fuck her non stop and telling me I could do whatever I wanted to her. She had such a beautiful ass I slapped her right cheek with my right hand and she groaned. I didn’t feel like taking it easy I slapped her ass hard not holding back till she was leaning forward begging me not to stop. My hand print was left on her cheeks I knew she would remember me for a few nights.

I flipped her over; we made eye contact and she looked at me biting her lips asking me what else I wanted to do to her. This made me want to not be gentle at all, I got on the bed got on my knees grabbed her legs forcefully and inserted my self into her and she felt so amazing if this is what ecstasy feels like she is the definition. I put one leg on one shoulder and the other on my other shoulder brought her close to me and moved my hips upwards hitting all her sensitive spots; all I hear is her saying omg, fuck please fuck please don’t stop. I didn’t I started speeding up and slapped her thighs which just blew her mind and saying am going to cum baby am coming for you! She came hard I could see she was losing it and I didn’t stop I Leaned forward to get a better angle and I knew I was deep in her. She moaned so loudly I think the neighbours might think someone was getting killed.

I told her to be on top but I wasn’t her shirt and bra of she didn’t hesitate and took it off; the body on this women it was beyond perfection. My expression said everything she blushed and said you going to stand there or you going to do something about it; my little smile and laid on my back and she straddled me. She started moving her hips so perfectly It amazed me; grabbing her hips and guiding her she just let her self go. She leaned back and it was beautiful her breast jumping up and down and her moaning and stroking her hair back. We where both getting into rhythm and her moaning and groaning and asking me to cum in her she wanted all of me inside her; I couldn’t help it anymore I came so hard and she came with me. I couldn’t think that was amazing sex her leaning against me said we still have ten minutes. She looked at me and smiled and said let me help you clean up she took of the condom and started working her tongue till I couldn’t take it anymore. She smiled and just said I could see you want round two; that’s to bad they will be here in five. The last thing she told me was I have never tasted cum but after what you did to me am willing to try anything with you; just got to ask.


At the end as man we can’t always think about intercourse; just some indivduals have hgher libido’s. Hope you enjoy Erotica, I don’t mind any suggestions.


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