Valentine’s Dreaded

I was reading a survey about women dreading Valentines day and I wondered why? This is part of the “research” that was done. ” The sex toy company surveyed 400 American women during December of 2016. 44% of them didn’t expect to celebrate with any presents or romantic meals. In fact, of all the holidays, 41% of women in relationships dread V-Day the most.

Women also seem lukewarm about the night of the 14th. 43% have no interest in shaking up their bedroom routines, and 35% are more excited about the cuddling than the sex itself.” It made me contemplate why a day that is supposed to be the day of love could be dreaded but there is a few reasons that came to mind and a few points on the article stood out to me.

It came to mind that maybe we just expect gifts and just have intercourse at the end of the night. It could be that maybe there just isn’t nothing that exciting about Valentines day and being with someone for long period of times you could do what you will be doing in Valentines day any other day. It could also be that it just becomes routine and there isn’t no diversity or excitement anymore and it comes down to what to expect?

Then I was wondering people prefer watching t.v? I was a little caught off guard on this and thought well isn’t that a dull way to spend the day? Then it came to mind that it isn’t what you are doing is who you are with. People spend a lot of time watching t.v and it becomes a habit and some individuals enjoy this. The fact of being with your partner is more rewarding than going out to an expensive restaurant and having to wait; also be in a crowded place and book a location ahead of time. It could also be that technology has taken over are lives so much that people prefer doing routine.

Honestly speaking Valentines personally is just any other day, I would rather be talking to my partner than anything else. Her personality and who she is why I choose her as my partner and communicating with her is more fulfilling than going to a restaurant. I believe and notice that people pay more attention to technology than the person they are with, then wonder why it didn’t work. Remember it isn’t about how much time you spend with someone, it is the quality of that time. Spending an hour actually listening to your partner is worth more to her than having you around eight hours and you being distracted. Getting gifts and going out is great, but have you really sat down and listen  to the person you are with?


Women Dread Valentine