Different Perspective on Love

Today I finally got to see my business mentor; he left to France and came back and left again. He off course is vastly different from my other mentor but both have achieved great thing’s in their own perspective. Being In DockWeiler Beach today in the morning it is rather windy and very warm and sunny as we walked down the long bike route. I appreciate his calmness and politeness as he is fifty years old now. His perspective shows me how vastly people see things in life and how we choose are own beliefs.

How are you he asked? I am fine and feeling well now. How is everything regarding business and relationships. They are great and getting better, how about intimate. I smiled and said they are looking up. We were both in suits and the warm weather was not helping. You have much wisdom to offer me; what do you think about love and intercourse? I don’t think you have asked me that before, what is wrong? I was off course sincere, but I am asking to broaden my perspective. As he stopped I stopped and he turned towards the beach and spoke gently and softly.

What do you see when you look into the water? I see depth and wisdom and much that has not been explored. Now imagine women as water, fluid, dancing, energy that doesn’t stop flowing. Always changing; at times warm at other times cold. At times the water moves rapidly and other times it moves slow and gentle. You can’t contain an ocean in a cup; you just guide and nourish it and when it needs direction you move it in that direction. Be the wind that moves the water and gently guide it; not the boat that just goes thru it. As I felt the wind against my skin and the heavy jacket on my shoulders; I understood what he was saying.

I am aware that me and your other mentor have different perspectives on this; did you follow your deepest heart-felt truth? Yes I did, then there is nothing else to do son. Doing what you desire and following your truth in this life is what makes you grow the fastest. I believe you know everything is interconnected; things don’t happen by chance. I know but at times I like to believe am guiding things. Then Can you explain somethings that have happen in the last few years? Not everything. Then remember just because the current of the ocean is going another way doesn’t mean it won’t come back towards you.

Be patient, be understanding, and don’t be afraid to let yourself go. You have much wisdom it makes me wonder how I could grow faster. He smiled take your time and enjoy the moment. You understand that you shared something deeply with someone; yes. Was the moments worth everything? Yes. Did you grow? Yes. What else you want? Communication. You know what words are? Yes a form of medium to transmit information. Yes I am also aware that words are meaningless; I at times had a hard time to find the words to express something that wasn’t expressible thru words. I believe the eyes showed everything that needed to be said; then she knows son.


Relationships and Sex

I’ve been asked to talk about relationships and sex about my own personal views. How has it differed from back when I was younger till now because they notice my writing has changed and why? I appreciate the people who have been following me for some time now and thanks, This is how I see Relationships and Sex.

At the age of ten I became sexually active so I was an early bloomer and have been sexually active since then. Intercourse from ten till around seventeen was just intercourse and it was addicting because of the dopamine release, I was essentially active every single day. This lead for me to gain experience from different partners but intercourse was Vanilla and the traditional positions; but I had a flair for danger and getting away with it. Around the age of seventeen I got into trouble and everything changed. I tend to look at this time as how I was and how I am now. I changed most of my demeanor and started to read, meditate, aiming for something higher, take risks. Sex within itself became deeper and had more meaning. I was taught rough sex, a bit of tantra, a little bit of Bondage and partners who were more into sadism. I remember intercourse would only last from 3-10 minutes when I was young and on average that is how long most males last, but then it is biological unless you learn otherwise. My preferences where off course fast paced intercourse at that time, now I prefer intercourse to be more sensual, rough, and alternate speed to expand intercourse into thirty – forty minutes. I believe in enjoying a partner as long as possible and seeing how far you could take them.

Relationships is vastly different and come in many different forms. When I was a teenager I believed in monogamy and was firm on my belief. At that age I did date here and there and I understood how to “keep” a relationship going. They never lasted because of my over highly sexual libido at that time and also for many insecurities I had when I was younger. I don’t date now as often and very rarely do I consider dating. Women have to catch my attention mentally, emotionally, physically for me to really desire to date. I care for all my partners; but only two have taken me that deeply. My intimate relationships now are more fulfilling and I get to understand my partners at a deeper level. I won’t deny the fact that I still do believe in monogamy to the extent that you understand a women sexuality is different from social norms. I believe to stay in a long-term relationship at least for me it will have to be someone liberal as me and who is highly sexual and is open to trying many new things. I think intimately I believe relationships are there to help you grow and expand and not become a routine.

My personal views on relationships and sex? I think it comes down to who you are as a person. The intercourse and communication and understanding only came from knowledge and applying that knowledge. I essentially changed myself and I understand there is still much more to understand and grow. I never understood that your life is a reflection of who you are; then it dawned on me one day when I was asking myself what has changed. I don’t know how else to put this, but if you don’t take the risk or believe in yourself to get what you want or desire you will never know what would’ve have been. I mean this in relationships and sex; I personally believe in doing what you want. This is the reason why I attract the partners I attract; find something that makes you attractive but it has to be a reflection of who you are.

At end there is so much to learn and grasp and understand. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mentors and friends and family. I had the opportunity to be with some very wonderful women; I have learned a lot and continue to learn and grow. Be the best you can be I believe so when you meet is a no brainer:}.

Sex, Sex, Sex

Sex Sex Sex
Yes this is a Sex and Relationship blog, I had a dream and I felt inspired to share this. 
Sometimes we forget the simple things in life are the most rewarding. At times we forget are partner touch or if your not with that person we forget those valuable moments of intimacy. The moments of exctasy as two bodies unite as one. As emotions transferred from one another and fluids are exchanged and being vulnerable with one another. Sex is this and much more.
Feeling the aroma of your partner, looking into another person eyes seeing the reflection of yourself within them knowing you are one. There smile making your day brighter as it reminds you how a smile could make a difference. Feeling there hair, hearing there voice, missing them. Remembering lost memories that once where, focusing on the good days when the sun was shinning. Seeing there eyes shine as they express there happiness with you; showing you new things, food, aromas, passions, places, sexuality, spirituality. 
Letting desire fill your veins as you touch your partner and caress there body, penetrating gently as you gain speed and momentum hearing groans and moans as it fills your mind and this primal feeling becomes awaken. Letting them feel your intensity as you look at them observing the perfection within this moment you are sharing. Enjoying one another as such a deep intimate level, feeling the depth of your soul yearning to be fulfilled becoming one with another as every movement is made. 
Grabbing them and holding them in place against the wall, biting there neck as the pain is felt but the pleasure taking its place. Blindfolding them, tying there hands, feet, letting them trust you. Caressing there body, taking your time, there no rush when enjoying someone. Being rough, spanking, hair pulling, deep penetration, letting the primal instincts take over and letting your neighbors know

your animal. Loving is shown in many different ways, Tender? Rough? Spiritual? 

Let yourself go fully, so when you partner remembers. Let them know the good memories, even supreme intelligence was taking notes from what you did to them. 
Have fun and enjoy yourself. No regrets. 

Dating Mentor 3

This is the last part and we talked about dating from his experience and mine, it is just a continuation from part two. As we descended from the hike body aching and adrenaline running thru are veins he started to speak about attraction. You understand attraction isn’t a choice we make consciously correct? Yes it’s a decision that your subconscious has made before you even spoke to the person. It is their behavior that dictates who they are. He said yes it really does; it’s like people focus so much on what to say when the other person has already made a choice without even knowing. I know right! That why is good to exercise and eat healthy because you are releasing pheromones all the time.

Remember when we where discussing mirror neurons and how are emotions affect people around us? Yes I do, what about it? It is interesting how are emotions come into play when choosing a mate as well. The emotions essentially bypass the pre-frontal cortex and go directly into are reptilian part of the brain. You could essentially consciously try to control those emotions but it is really hard. It is like are subconscious knows who has good genes and who to mate with. If you leave all the spiritual and religion things out we are here to reproduce and expand are genes. Isn’t that why they say between 20-26 women are prime for having children? It is and it becomes more difficult as time passes. The emotions are there to intertwine us as we mate and usually the stronger they are the more compatible you are. I was aware of this before hand, but it just made more sense. Isn’t that why we are repulsed by some individuals and we just aren’t attracted to them. haha yes that why attraction isn’t a logical choice; you could force yourself and maybe learn to be attracted to them but that defeats the fun and excitement.

I am aware that he only dates women who are in their twenties so I asked him how is it dating women twenty years younger than you? It is really fun and enjoy the high energy they bring. You don’t date older women? Yes I do but I just prefer younger women and I travel a lot so it wouldn’t make sense. I was curious why is it that some people have more partners than others? From my research and teaching I have notice it all comes down to behavior. Being confident and just saying this is what I want and going for it is what makes the difference. It has to be natural and not come off as forced; like you have to be confident and this is gained with time. In dating you have to be you and not become something you ain’t. It’s nice to want to make your partner happy but they are attracted to who you are not what you ain’t. As I listened I have notice this too, the best wisdom like I always tell you is be yourself but always keep improving no matter what. I laughed and essentially do the opposite of what people do.

I notice opposite do attract also, why is that? There has to be balance between the sexes or in any type of relationship. In intimate relationships I have seen how we attract the opposite of who we are. You tend to attract feminine women don’t you? Yes I notice now I a attracting more feminine women. You are leaning more into what you feel is okay with you, it is basically just energy. Masculine or feminine energy doesn’t have gender or body shape because both genders have both energies. So in that sense it’s okay to have problems because opposites will clash, when you are both neutral there might be sexual attraction but it won’t be all thrilling or as exciting as it could be. I have wondered about that because I notice I do tend to gravitate to more feminine women in attraction. It’s basically are bodies telling us who to mate with.

Why do you think people stay comfortable or in familiarity? It’s just fear and everyone has this is just a matter of how we handle it. Then again it could be peer pressure, family, and multiple layers of reasons.  I always tell you in relationships take risks and follow what you think you should do, you should listen more often thought. I know, then again if no one is there to push people out of their zone how would they do it? I believe maybe they will do it on their own? Yes that is possible, but would they do it. Any type of relationship it comes down to who you are and what are you willing to do. Like I told you it doesn’t matter what you want or don’t it just doing something about whatever you want to do. I smiled and said it’s true why not take risk and take the jump.

As we walked almost finishing our conversation I asked him what have you learned about attraction and women being here almost half a century. I am really getting that old, you sure don’t look like it. Stroking the ego hard aren’t you ( Both Laughed ). I have learned to admire women at a young age and have learned a lot. Being with as many partners as I’ve been with it makes me really be compassionate and humble of what women have to go thru. I believe they are beautiful and beyond the superficial body image there is always something deeper and unique in every women. I always appreciate speaking to women and learning something new and seducing them everyday for as long as they stay. There is pain off course, but that pain is nothing compare to what I have enjoyed with them. As he spoke I was like no wonder I speak the way I speak. Have to admire this guy; he has lived.


Dating Mentor 2

I was aware my dating mentor would only be here for a week so I asked him to join me yesterday in Griffith park for a hike. It was essentially his last day being here in the United States so why not ask. We met up at Griffith Park around 8AM and started are jog/hike to the top. Even thought he is forty something I could tell he is in better shape than me. As we moved upward he told me I was thinking about what you told me. I think you are moving too slow and not going fast enough. I looked at him seriously and he stopped, I asked him what is the best wisdom you would give me then. He thought for a second and told me you have to know what you want and take it.

As we ascended Griffith Park I thought about what he said; is nothing new I haven’t heard. You’re holing back to much, let go and take what you really want. Not what you think you can get but what you really want. You should take more risk’s and put your heart out there and go a hundred percent. Specially in business Alex; you can’t play around you have to go much more deeper. You have done much but that isn’t in off you have to really let go and burn everything so you don’t have no return. This is actually the first time I seen him get serious, he actually tends to be calm and has this high energy. I understand where you’re at; we all been there. Like there isn’t just one right path when it comes to business; you have to be you and just go get it. I have and it isn’t like I haven’t done what I had to do, but I agree I could go deeper.

Let’s try something I have tried with my own mentor like ten years ago. Let’s say you are mentoring me. I laughed you are basically twenty years older than me, yes but that’s not the point. The point is let’s say I am in your shoes and you are where you dream your life to be. Essentially like the bigger picture where you will be going. Okay. What will you tell me to do if you were already there. From Business to relationships. As I thought deeply I figured well first simplify your life to the most minimal. You don’t need the old car let it go, any junk you don’t need let it go or throw it away. Secondly find something you have a high interest in or passionate about. Find a way to market that and learn from other people who are doing the same thing. Eat healthier and stop eating fast food and just smile to smile. You are still alive and that within it self is worth living for. Relationships well if you are with someone and you told them what are your plans and they stay be grateful you have someone supportive. I believe relationships are there to help you grow and motivate you to be better not to settle and let life pass you.

Think about life in this sense; what would you be doing if you could be doing anything right now if not; if it was your last day here what would you do? He looked at me and said then what is the problem? I was rather confused but then understood, a mentor is there to push you not kid you around. Any successful person has a mentor; at times we can’t see are own blind spots. He told me go get what you want, I don’t care what it is or what it isn’t. If your heart say’s yes I desire then move without hesitation. Like I said anything it is just go and get it, As I stared at him I told him I already do that. No you don’t you are holding back. Did you just not hold back? I was getting irritated but yes I did just hold back. He smiled, believe me I have my own mentors who are further than me and I get lectured. You just have to keep growing daily and stay focus; that’s honestly all it is. We laughed and it just made me wonder how far can a person really go?


Dating Mentor

This is the second part of this post, I have two mentors and one is for a organazation I am part of and my other mentor is for dating even thought he is more of a friend. I have not seen him in a few months, but we do speak here and there by skyping just catching up with one another. He is a scholar, but at the same time he teaches man how to date. He travels all around the world and I believe he is forty-five even thought he looks thirty. He came to Los Angeles recently and I’ll like to discuss what happen.

We sat down at a Jamba Juice which I haven’t been to in some time now. As we sat down we catched up about how things have been. When he speaks I stay quiet and just listen because I know he has ton’s of information that could help me. He asked me about my dating life and I told him what recently happen. Discussing all the details he told me why did I do thing’s rather differently? I told him because I decided to listen to other sources and I didn’t follow my experience or knowledge. He laughed at me and told me why listen to other people when you have more experience, that does not make sense. I smiled and told him because I was dumb.

He pointed out to me that relationships and love are really misunderstood. You should know this, yes. When looking at your intimate partners most of them stuck around for long times, the only reason why they didn’t stay as because you did not date. Rather than that you had good relationships with them, it does not conclude why you would do the anything different; just be more emotionally there but rather than that you would be fine. I figured this out and I knew deep down he is correct, most of the time I have pretty good relationships even thought it isn’t one. He continued and told me ” You don’t go to baker for knowledge on diamonds, you go to someone who profession has to do with diamonds”. I understood, next time if this happens again, really be you.

Give the adventure, build the tension, have fun, smile and have great sex and give the full body orgasms. You messed up and honestly I give you props for sticking it out, just be aware and follow your own damn experience. Regardless love women for who they are, they are beautiful and if you pay close attention you will find something special about them. Love unconditionally and ravish them with your passion and just enjoy the company and just know memories last for a life time. By now you know adapt and grow and keep acquiring knowledge and use it; off course I will.

Monogamy Dead?

This will be a two-part article the first based on research and the other part me speaking to my dating mentor. I have always found this topic rather interesting because I know as a society we look for security and something consistent even thought deep down we might desire something else. I have seen many women and spoken to women who have struggled with having sexual desire or even feeling anything but staying with a partner because of peer pressure, society stigma against women sexuality, “The right thing to do”, feeling bad, or following a close friend or someone else advise because they might know better.

First I started to notice in couple therapy they put desire down, because they know after sometime it is hard to reach. “But maybe of all, the circle was being consecrated as psychiatric doctrine because it gave sex therapists and couples counselors a solution to one of their most prevalent and stubborn problems–women’s faint or non-existent desire for their husband or long-term partner. The solution was low expectations. Clinicians had latched on to the diagram. They’d distilled it into a three-word lesson that they taught in treatment: “Desire follows arousal.” They taught that arousal might take some time. Patience was necessity; slowness and faintness were entirely fine; “lust” should be banished from the vocabulary.” I found this rather sad the fact that we have to lower expectations because the desire wouldn’t be there. ” Occasionally Bason acknowledged that the new might be a key to combustion”. I have also seen how if a women was with a partner for ten years and she couldn’t desire or get”wet” but give her a new partner and all that changes.

It’s interesting are we being led against something biological? ” And Brotto wasn’t maintaining that she could grant her patients what they actually wished for. She had quoted to me from their files: “I want to have sex where I feel like I’m Craving it.” She sighed. She couldn’t provide that, not without a semimiracle or someone new in the patients bed. I asked her about an irony within the DSM work: that while disorders were supposed to be abnormal, HSDD seemed to be a normal abnormality, a condition that was largely not psychiatric but created by our most common domestic arrangement. It makes me wonder how much of women erotic and desire do we really understand? “Leaning against the rail of his viewing tower, staring down at his monkeys and remembering the small cages that distorted the sexual interaction between females and males, Wallen thought that monogamy was, for women, a culture care–one of many cultural cage–distorting libido. He spoke about the research Brotto had mentioned: hundreds of women followed for fifteen years or longer, their relationships, biochemistry, desire relentlessly recorded. “The idea that monogamy serves the natural sexuality of women may not be accurate,” he said”.

Having new partners I have personally notice it liberates women and I noted a new sense of relief. ” Meana was sure that it wasn’t, ” I have male friends who tell me about new relationships. They say they’ve never been with a women ho’s so sexual. They’re thrilled. And I’m thinking, just wait.” Not only did monogamy not enhance female sexuality, but it was likely worse for women than men.” I at times have seen women stick it out and I understand. At times they might deviate and then feel bad, and I am like your only doing what you deeply desire. It makes me wonder if Monogamy is really all that it is made out to be, I am starting to notice that swinging might actually be better for the long-term.


What Do Women Want

Sex At Dawn

Sexual Fluidity


Best Sex Positions?

I was asked what are the best sex positions that I would recommend? I smiled and laughed and said it isn’t about the position is about your perspective. It’s your attitude and perspective toward something that makes your experience and that makes your idea about it. Yes certain positions allow for more stimulation than others, but it really comes down to how you interpret situations.

Imagine what I am about to describe, if you’re a man imagine a women doing cow-girl and if you’re a women lets say you are riding him. Imagine your with this amazing women who you just love to be with. She is on top enjoying herself as she moans to the world and is saying your name. She is touching herself slowly as you see her hair going side to side. You are captivated about her sexuality and the way she is moving herself knowing she is enjoying herself. Now she is grinding on you as you guys make eye contact she leans into you as she kisses you slowly and passionately. Now imagine the same situation and you are thinking you are bored, it’s okay sex and it isn’t all that. Matter of fact you are in your own mind thinking what to do next! The only difference is your thought process.

One of the things is to change your perspective, I personally found this hard until I started to meditate. I have been meditating for about three years now and here and there I have stopped to see the difference. When I stop meditating I notice I become more emotional and make very impulsive decisions and the way I am changes. On the opposite end when I meditate I become very relaxed and calm and behave rather different. I also have more control over myself and my thought process. I recommend meditating to enjoy sexuality a little more or if you just want to relax and be more calm. It really comes down to how you think about things that’s why meditation helps a lot.

To be sincere most common intercourse comes from this positions Missionary, Doggy-Style, Cow-girl, Eagle Spread. All other’s are just modifications from this positions and what could make intercourse more appealing is just the locations in which you have intercourse. Yes the partner you are with also counts; but what I notice what really counts is how you see things. So what is the best position? That really depend on how you see intercourse and who you are with.

Helping Animals

I am part of organization in which I am lucky to be part off, I was introduced by a women who is part of the organization and today I had a meeting which I didn’t need to attend too but I decided too. I was promoted recently to higher position and had a say about what ideas to follow. I am aware that within the organization there is a lot of human right projects and many projects to help out children in third world countries. As being promoted I was called upon to the front and speak out an idea which could help better improve this world.

Speaking affront of three hundred people I was feeling a little nervous, but I was thinking to myself do you still got this? I thought what could be something that has never been said before and could improve the world even if its minor? I said animals, a man spoke up and said what about animals? Animals are beings put down all across the United States daily because we need more room and have ” Little resources”. I believe we could find another way and measurement and save animals. It isn’t fair that animals are being put down in such way; they are beings and understand. If you look at an animal being put down you see sadness in their eyes. As we have souls so do animals, everything has a purpose and a place here. Animals protect us and we put them down when we don’t need them or because they don’t look cute? Would you like to be put down because you become  “Useless”. They understand when you are sad, happy, and mad and try to cheer you up. They could become your companions and many of you have pets don’t you? ( I was rather surprised how well I said this). I knew instantly I found my drive back.

The people were rather moved and asked how can we do this? We could start in California start building sanctuaries in major cities in where animals are rescued and brought there to be taken care off and adopted. They should be seen as perfect and equal to any other animal regardless of how they are. We will start in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco and if there no room in the cities we could make them in neighboring cities or counties. We would save millions and the expenditure could be a non-profit. Then see the success rate and expand to other 49 States and lead by example and have families adopt the animals. We have to see animals as equal as human beings and not mistreat them or see them for less. I got a round of applause and three ideas are always chosen for as long as I have been here. My idea was picked and the project will be under way by June.

Later I was eating and a homeless individual started talking to me before I sat down. I asked him to sit with me and he appreciated it. I could see he was hungry so I gave him half my food, he told me I am a good friend. I laughed and told him thanks. We had a short talk and I asked him for his wisdom in life? He told me ” Treat everyone as equal regardless of skin, religion, or how they look, we are all the same”. I smiled and felt this humbleness of him and I asked him if enjoyed the food. He answered off course there not that many nice people in the world, I smiled and said you just have to open your eyes a little more. (Laughter from both of us).

Regardless of who you are man, women, in between, ethnicity, color we shouldn’t discriminate. You would be surprised what you could learn from other people, at the end we work better when we actually work together regardless of who you are. It’s rather ignorant to put someone down because they are a certain way. Open your eyes a little more and you will see better.

Many Souls, Many Partners

This will be personal post, with the permission with a previous partner I will be writing about an experience that I will never forget. This will also be a little explicit so if you aren’t mature then click back. A few years back I met a women who captivated my attention on all three levels. She caught my attention mentally, emotionally, and most of all physically. We started talking over the internet due to this blog, it became apparent right away that she was smart and rather fascinating to talk too. A few months passed by this way because we where far apart from one another. Nonetheless the interest was rather mutual and pictures, facetiming was happening rather fast. It is really rare for me to connect with someone who fast and off course not even meeting in person; this off course led me to want to meet in person.

After some problems and being persistent we met in person in December 23, 2015. We met in a coffee shop where she was sitting down with her right leg over her left, waiting for me to arrive. She was wearing black boots, light blue jeans which clung to her body perfectly, had a green sweater over a black shirt if I remember correctly. Her long black hair that reached her shoulder’s, brown eyes, small lips which looked kissable, dimples,light brown skin. Had a bit of makeup on, light eyeliner, red lipstick. From afar I notice this and she seemed rather calm and confident and composed. This off course caught my interest and I approached and sat down. When sitting down I notice the calmness I seen was overtaken by nervousness and shyness. She started speaking rather rapidly about different things, this came out of being nervous. I was intruged about the diverse topics she was speaking about. This led me to become more intruged intellectually not just physically. Her smile was captivating and liberal attitude brought me to really sit down and contemplate why I was so intruged.

A few hours passed by and the conversation continued, we decided to leave to the beach. While at the beach I got more physical and she was shy and hesitant, but I understood why. Even before we met in person my interest was there and in person it was just confirmed. She is rather spiritual and spoke about soul mates and things I have never heard of before. I have read a few books about the subject, but her level of understanding was more deeper. It made me contemplate if this women came into my life for much more, I did learn a lot within a few months. Yes it’s those persons that have a big effect on your life and could turn things rather rapidly. I started wondering how much control do I really have over my life, there are things that are hard to explain. Nonetheless I still believe in are decisions make things happen.

Are time was limited and we ended going to her place, I didn’t know what to expect. She was showing me her room. At this point I turned her around from her left arm and started to kiss her passionately. I didn’t desire to wait, I knew the desire was there and I wanted her. As I thought her lips where more than kissable, but rather addicting. Caressing her thighs and legs I new she had a nice physique. I throw her onto the bed and I seen her eyes lit up with desire and excitement, like something she been waiting for. As I undressed her I bit into her neck rather roughly more than I usually do hearing her groan I new I was going to enjoy myself. I don’t tend to leave marks, but I left marks all over her body. As the clothe flew all over and seeing her naked it was rather a sight to see. Seeing a fully developed women and her letting herself go with me was rather a moment. Something within me felt this urge to have her; as I penetrated her I could hear her asking for more. Her body arching as I went in her and her body moving with mine in synch. I have never felt the urge to go deeper than potentially possible, as corny as it may sound I wanted to become one with her. I have never felt that deep calling to want to do that, throughout the whole time we where making eye contact, kissing one another like we have been starving for sex for years. Feeling her wetness and hearing her call out my name was an aphrodisiac, my desire to have her became deeper. I started to caress her breast as I moved deeper and deeper into her, I found someone that enjoy’s deep penetration. I wasn’t planning to cum anytime soon; I was going to enjoy myself while I roughly pounded into her.

After some time she desired to be on top and I was impressed. As soon as she got on top she went full throttle. I have never seen a women ride the way she did, going rather very fast and seeing her cleavage jump and as she caressed herself. Seeing her enjoy herself the way her facial expression changed and her moaning turning into grunting. She didn’t stop just kept grinding and jumping while she enjoyed her sexuality. Her hair was moving side to side it was rather an image and memory that I will never forget. There is something very erotic about seeing a women enjoy herself to such a level that it becomes an aphrodisiac. As are bodies synched and I became more aggressive I through her onto the bed flipped her onto her stomach got her by her waist and pulled her onto to me. I slapped her ass a couple of times, her skin is rather delicate and I wanted her to remember me. I penetrated her again and she moaned loudly and asking me to give her everything. I grabbed her by the waist and brought her into me as she clinched the covers and moaned into the bed, I couldn’t her but grunt as my aggression become more and more. Slapping her ass and leaving my hand prints on it aroused her and asked me to not stop. Pulling her hair with my right hand and with my left holding her tightly she loud a groan. She arched her back and moved her hips into me, I felt how deep I was but she didn’t care. She wanted to cum and so did I, she was asking me to let myself go and let her feel me inside her. As I came into her I knew I found someone who could keep up with me.

Sex is an amazing experience, I hope everyone could enjoy themselves.