Many Souls, Many Partners

This will be personal post, with the permission with a previous partner I will be writing about an experience that I will never forget. This will also be a little explicit so if you aren’t mature then click back. A few years back I met a women who captivated my attention on all three levels. She caught my attention mentally, emotionally, and most of all physically. We started talking over the internet due to this blog, it became apparent right away that she was smart and rather fascinating to talk too. A few months passed by this way because we where far apart from one another. Nonetheless the interest was rather mutual and pictures, facetiming was happening rather fast. It is really rare for me to connect with someone who fast and off course not even meeting in person; this off course led me to want to meet in person.

After some problems and being persistent we met in person in December 23, 2015. We met in a coffee shop where she was sitting down with her right leg over her left, waiting for me to arrive. She was wearing black boots, light blue jeans which clung to her body perfectly, had a green sweater over a black shirt if I remember correctly. Her long black hair that reached her shoulder’s, brown eyes, small lips which looked kissable, dimples,light brown skin. Had a bit of makeup on, light eyeliner, red lipstick. From afar I notice this and she seemed rather calm and confident and composed. This off course caught my interest and I approached and sat down. When sitting down I notice the calmness I seen was overtaken by nervousness and shyness. She started speaking rather rapidly about different things, this came out of being nervous. I was intruged about the diverse topics she was speaking about. This led me to become more intruged intellectually not just physically. Her smile was captivating and liberal attitude brought me to really sit down and contemplate why I was so intruged.

A few hours passed by and the conversation continued, we decided to leave to the beach. While at the beach I got more physical and she was shy and hesitant, but I understood why. Even before we met in person my interest was there and in person it was just confirmed. She is rather spiritual and spoke about soul mates and things I have never heard of before. I have read a few books about the subject, but her level of understanding was more deeper. It made me contemplate if this women came into my life for much more, I did learn a lot within a few months. Yes it’s those persons that have a big effect on your life and could turn things rather rapidly. I started wondering how much control do I really have over my life, there are things that are hard to explain. Nonetheless I still believe in are decisions make things happen.

Are time was limited and we ended going to her place, I didn’t know what to expect. She was showing me her room. At this point I turned her around from her left arm and started to kiss her passionately. I didn’t desire to wait, I knew the desire was there and I wanted her. As I thought her lips where more than kissable, but rather addicting. Caressing her thighs and legs I new she had a nice physique. I throw her onto the bed and I seen her eyes lit up with desire and excitement, like something she been waiting for. As I undressed her I bit into her neck rather roughly more than I usually do hearing her groan I new I was going to enjoy myself. I don’t tend to leave marks, but I left marks all over her body. As the clothe flew all over and seeing her naked it was rather a sight to see. Seeing a fully developed women and her letting herself go with me was rather a moment. Something within me felt this urge to have her; as I penetrated her I could hear her asking for more. Her body arching as I went in her and her body moving with mine in synch. I have never felt the urge to go deeper than potentially possible, as corny as it may sound I wanted to become one with her. I have never felt that deep calling to want to do that, throughout the whole time we where making eye contact, kissing one another like we have been starving for sex for years. Feeling her wetness and hearing her call out my name was an aphrodisiac, my desire to have her became deeper. I started to caress her breast as I moved deeper and deeper into her, I found someone that enjoy’s deep penetration. I wasn’t planning to cum anytime soon; I was going to enjoy myself while I roughly pounded into her.

After some time she desired to be on top and I was impressed. As soon as she got on top she went full throttle. I have never seen a women ride the way she did, going rather very fast and seeing her cleavage jump and as she caressed herself. Seeing her enjoy herself the way her facial expression changed and her moaning turning into grunting. She didn’t stop just kept grinding and jumping while she enjoyed her sexuality. Her hair was moving side to side it was rather an image and memory that I will never forget. There is something very erotic about seeing a women enjoy herself to such a level that it becomes an aphrodisiac. As are bodies synched and I became more aggressive I through her onto the bed flipped her onto her stomach got her by her waist and pulled her onto to me. I slapped her ass a couple of times, her skin is rather delicate and I wanted her to remember me. I penetrated her again and she moaned loudly and asking me to give her everything. I grabbed her by the waist and brought her into me as she clinched the covers and moaned into the bed, I couldn’t her but grunt as my aggression become more and more. Slapping her ass and leaving my hand prints on it aroused her and asked me to not stop. Pulling her hair with my right hand and with my left holding her tightly she loud a groan. She arched her back and moved her hips into me, I felt how deep I was but she didn’t care. She wanted to cum and so did I, she was asking me to let myself go and let her feel me inside her. As I came into her I knew I found someone who could keep up with me.

Sex is an amazing experience, I hope everyone could enjoy themselves.


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