Best Sex Positions?

I was asked what are the best sex positions that I would recommend? I smiled and laughed and said it isn’t about the position is about your perspective. It’s your attitude and perspective toward something that makes your experience and that makes your idea about it. Yes certain positions allow for more stimulation than others, but it really comes down to how you interpret situations.

Imagine what I am about to describe, if you’re a man imagine a women doing cow-girl and if you’re a women lets say you are riding him. Imagine your with this amazing women who you just love to be with. She is on top enjoying herself as she moans to the world and is saying your name. She is touching herself slowly as you see her hair going side to side. You are captivated about her sexuality and the way she is moving herself knowing she is enjoying herself. Now she is grinding on you as you guys make eye contact she leans into you as she kisses you slowly and passionately. Now imagine the same situation and you are thinking you are bored, it’s okay sex and it isn’t all that. Matter of fact you are in your own mind thinking what to do next! The only difference is your thought process.

One of the things is to change your perspective, I personally found this hard until I started to meditate. I have been meditating for about three years now and here and there I have stopped to see the difference. When I stop meditating I notice I become more emotional and make very impulsive decisions and the way I am changes. On the opposite end when I meditate I become very relaxed and calm and behave rather different. I also have more control over myself and my thought process. I recommend meditating to enjoy sexuality a little more or if you just want to relax and be more calm. It really comes down to how you think about things that’s why meditation helps a lot.

To be sincere most common intercourse comes from this positions Missionary, Doggy-Style, Cow-girl, Eagle Spread. All other’s are just modifications from this positions and what could make intercourse more appealing is just the locations in which you have intercourse. Yes the partner you are with also counts; but what I notice what really counts is how you see things. So what is the best position? That really depend on how you see intercourse and who you are with.


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