Dating Mentor

This is the second part of this post, I have two mentors and one is for a organazation I am part of and my other mentor is for dating even thought he is more of a friend. I have not seen him in a few months, but we do speak here and there by skyping just catching up with one another. He is a scholar, but at the same time he teaches man how to date. He travels all around the world and I believe he is forty-five even thought he looks thirty. He came to Los Angeles recently and I’ll like to discuss what happen.

We sat down at a Jamba Juice which I haven’t been to in some time now. As we sat down we catched up about how things have been. When he speaks I stay quiet and just listen because I know he has ton’s of information that could help me. He asked me about my dating life and I told him what recently happen. Discussing all the details he told me why did I do thing’s rather differently? I told him because I decided to listen to other sources and I didn’t follow my experience or knowledge. He laughed at me and told me why listen to other people when you have more experience, that does not make sense. I smiled and told him because I was dumb.

He pointed out to me that relationships and love are really misunderstood. You should know this, yes. When looking at your intimate partners most of them stuck around for long times, the only reason why they didn’t stay as because you did not date. Rather than that you had good relationships with them, it does not conclude why you would do the anything different; just be more emotionally there but rather than that you would be fine. I figured this out and I knew deep down he is correct, most of the time I have pretty good relationships even thought it isn’t one. He continued and told me ” You don’t go to baker for knowledge on diamonds, you go to someone who profession has to do with diamonds”. I understood, next time if this happens again, really be you.

Give the adventure, build the tension, have fun, smile and have great sex and give the full body orgasms. You messed up and honestly I give you props for sticking it out, just be aware and follow your own damn experience. Regardless love women for who they are, they are beautiful and if you pay close attention you will find something special about them. Love unconditionally and ravish them with your passion and just enjoy the company and just know memories last for a life time. By now you know adapt and grow and keep acquiring knowledge and use it; off course I will.


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