Dating Mentor 2

I was aware my dating mentor would only be here for a week so I asked him to join me yesterday in Griffith park for a hike. It was essentially his last day being here in the United States so why not ask. We met up at Griffith Park around 8AM and started are jog/hike to the top. Even thought he is forty something I could tell he is in better shape than me. As we moved upward he told me I was thinking about what you told me. I think you are moving too slow and not going fast enough. I looked at him seriously and he stopped, I asked him what is the best wisdom you would give me then. He thought for a second and told me you have to know what you want and take it.

As we ascended Griffith Park I thought about what he said; is nothing new I haven’t heard. You’re holing back to much, let go and take what you really want. Not what you think you can get but what you really want. You should take more risk’s and put your heart out there and go a hundred percent. Specially in business Alex; you can’t play around you have to go much more deeper. You have done much but that isn’t in off you have to really let go and burn everything so you don’t have no return. This is actually the first time I seen him get serious, he actually tends to be calm and has this high energy. I understand where you’re at; we all been there. Like there isn’t just one right path when it comes to business; you have to be you and just go get it. I have and it isn’t like I haven’t done what I had to do, but I agree I could go deeper.

Let’s try something I have tried with my own mentor like ten years ago. Let’s say you are mentoring me. I laughed you are basically twenty years older than me, yes but that’s not the point. The point is let’s say I am in your shoes and you are where you dream your life to be. Essentially like the bigger picture where you will be going. Okay. What will you tell me to do if you were already there. From Business to relationships. As I thought deeply I figured well first simplify your life to the most minimal. You don’t need the old car let it go, any junk you don’t need let it go or throw it away. Secondly find something you have a high interest in or passionate about. Find a way to market that and learn from other people who are doing the same thing. Eat healthier and stop eating fast food and just smile to smile. You are still alive and that within it self is worth living for. Relationships well if you are with someone and you told them what are your plans and they stay be grateful you have someone supportive. I believe relationships are there to help you grow and motivate you to be better not to settle and let life pass you.

Think about life in this sense; what would you be doing if you could be doing anything right now if not; if it was your last day here what would you do? He looked at me and said then what is the problem? I was rather confused but then understood, a mentor is there to push you not kid you around. Any successful person has a mentor; at times we can’t see are own blind spots. He told me go get what you want, I don’t care what it is or what it isn’t. If your heart say’s yes I desire then move without hesitation. Like I said anything it is just go and get it, As I stared at him I told him I already do that. No you don’t you are holding back. Did you just not hold back? I was getting irritated but yes I did just hold back. He smiled, believe me I have my own mentors who are further than me and I get lectured. You just have to keep growing daily and stay focus; that’s honestly all it is. We laughed and it just made me wonder how far can a person really go?



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