Dating Mentor 3

This is the last part and we talked about dating from his experience and mine, it is just a continuation from part two. As we descended from the hike body aching and adrenaline running thru are veins he started to speak about attraction. You understand attraction isn’t a choice we make consciously correct? Yes it’s a decision that your subconscious has made before you even spoke to the person. It is their behavior that dictates who they are. He said yes it really does; it’s like people focus so much on what to say when the other person has already made a choice without even knowing. I know right! That why is good to exercise and eat healthy because you are releasing pheromones all the time.

Remember when we where discussing mirror neurons and how are emotions affect people around us? Yes I do, what about it? It is interesting how are emotions come into play when choosing a mate as well. The emotions essentially bypass the pre-frontal cortex and go directly into are reptilian part of the brain. You could essentially consciously try to control those emotions but it is really hard. It is like are subconscious knows who has good genes and who to mate with. If you leave all the spiritual and religion things out we are here to reproduce and expand are genes. Isn’t that why they say between 20-26 women are prime for having children? It is and it becomes more difficult as time passes. The emotions are there to intertwine us as we mate and usually the stronger they are the more compatible you are. I was aware of this before hand, but it just made more sense. Isn’t that why we are repulsed by some individuals and we just aren’t attracted to them. haha yes that why attraction isn’t a logical choice; you could force yourself and maybe learn to be attracted to them but that defeats the fun and excitement.

I am aware that he only dates women who are in their twenties so I asked him how is it dating women twenty years younger than you? It is really fun and enjoy the high energy they bring. You don’t date older women? Yes I do but I just prefer younger women and I travel a lot so it wouldn’t make sense. I was curious why is it that some people have more partners than others? From my research and teaching I have notice it all comes down to behavior. Being confident and just saying this is what I want and going for it is what makes the difference. It has to be natural and not come off as forced; like you have to be confident and this is gained with time. In dating you have to be you and not become something you ain’t. It’s nice to want to make your partner happy but they are attracted to who you are not what you ain’t. As I listened I have notice this too, the best wisdom like I always tell you is be yourself but always keep improving no matter what. I laughed and essentially do the opposite of what people do.

I notice opposite do attract also, why is that? There has to be balance between the sexes or in any type of relationship. In intimate relationships I have seen how we attract the opposite of who we are. You tend to attract feminine women don’t you? Yes I notice now I a attracting more feminine women. You are leaning more into what you feel is okay with you, it is basically just energy. Masculine or feminine energy doesn’t have gender or body shape because both genders have both energies. So in that sense it’s okay to have problems because opposites will clash, when you are both neutral there might be sexual attraction but it won’t be all thrilling or as exciting as it could be. I have wondered about that because I notice I do tend to gravitate to more feminine women in attraction. It’s basically are bodies telling us who to mate with.

Why do you think people stay comfortable or in familiarity? It’s just fear and everyone has this is just a matter of how we handle it. Then again it could be peer pressure, family, and multiple layers of reasons.  I always tell you in relationships take risks and follow what you think you should do, you should listen more often thought. I know, then again if no one is there to push people out of their zone how would they do it? I believe maybe they will do it on their own? Yes that is possible, but would they do it. Any type of relationship it comes down to who you are and what are you willing to do. Like I told you it doesn’t matter what you want or don’t it just doing something about whatever you want to do. I smiled and said it’s true why not take risk and take the jump.

As we walked almost finishing our conversation I asked him what have you learned about attraction and women being here almost half a century. I am really getting that old, you sure don’t look like it. Stroking the ego hard aren’t you ( Both Laughed ). I have learned to admire women at a young age and have learned a lot. Being with as many partners as I’ve been with it makes me really be compassionate and humble of what women have to go thru. I believe they are beautiful and beyond the superficial body image there is always something deeper and unique in every women. I always appreciate speaking to women and learning something new and seducing them everyday for as long as they stay. There is pain off course, but that pain is nothing compare to what I have enjoyed with them. As he spoke I was like no wonder I speak the way I speak. Have to admire this guy; he has lived.



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