If you apply this concept into life I believe it could make it more interesting. One of my first teachers sent me a link to a video in which it explains how some individuals see life as something that happen and passed by like if it was just yesterday. I believe that is a sad way to live with no goal or no direction. The link will be at the bottom and you could check it out.

I am aware people love to live day-to-day and not always worry about tomorrow and that is fine everyone has their own structure. The problem I see with this is that it becomes a routine and we stop pushing to see new opportunities. This within itself could become a self fulfilling destiny because are habits do become are destiny.

Don’t forget to push yourself towards something new and drive towards novelty because it will bring upon a new experience. Make a new business, go against social norms(I love this one), do the opposite of what people do, make a new habit, challenge yourself to have sex for two hours, write a book, if something makes sense do the opposite, forget common sense, you want another individual then go for it! Forget social norms; be a daredevil, a pathfinder, carve your own path, what am saying is live life-like it’s an adventure and don’t stop in the familiar. Yes it could be scary, but once you accept everyone is going to die it just a matter of how you want to look back and see what you have accomplished.


Link To Video


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