Sexual Drive

For variety of reasons a person sexual drive or desire could lessen do to time or just stress. One of the problems common for sex therapist is that a person loses sexual interest in their partner. Many theories and evidence suggest that this could just be a biological reasons; I have been curious why the feeling goes away. For personal reasons I have had seizures and strokes, concussions (Football) which effect (Pre-frontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, etc. Essentially personally it was rather difficult for me to feel the emotional drive; within that context I understand individuals who lose interest but for me it wasn’t a choice. (Yes it sucks not feeling much)

Me being very intrigued in intercourse and psychology I was aware that damage to the brain can alter behavior as well as hormonal change. I am not to incline to medicine which has a million side effects. About three years ago I became aware of this man named Markus Rothkranz from a reference which was showing me a new type of diet. For some odd reason I didn’t do the diet untill recently, which I should of been doing. Essentially the diet consists of just fruit and vegetables but blended in a Vitamix so everything is broken down. This breaks down the exterior walls of the plants which lets it release the actual nutrients that vegans aren’t getting because their stomach acid is too weak to break down the walls of the plants. You could only do this in a vitamix because the other blenders won’t shred everything apart, I have tried it before.

Most of the plants I get are “Wild” not from the store but around the neighborhood. I live in a diverse location which is splendid for me. This is the plants that now I take daily and have boosted Mental alertness,body mass, stamina,sexual drive, energy, mood,etc (Within 2 weeks)

Saw Palmetto – This is what is put in Viagra; you could just pick it off blend it in a vitamix and drink it. You want to feel sexual drive? Take This! This is what I am thinking if individuals take this and other plants for sexual drive wouldn’t they already feel it? I believe it is better than lying to people about taking placebo pills.

Aloe Vera – This is god gift. Too many great things

Rosemary – Great for memory and brain function

Barley Grass – Has natural steroids and helps burns energy slower.



Sage – Helps with brain function and cure many diseases that aren’t “Cure able”

Gotu Kola – This is for intelligence and making you feel young. Helps the brain in so many ways.

Dandelion – Is considered a weed, but wow this alone has so many vitamins!



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