Art Of Seduction

The picture is from Washington, was there last year on today’s date. Rather symbolic to me, nonetheless I will be speaking about two stories today which have been bugging me lately. 

Yesterday around 8:30 pm I met a rather intriguing male of the age of forty. His occupation is a high paid Plastic surgeon doctor which he was rather very energetic but stern at the same time. I figured due to the stressful occupation. Conversation was rather lengthy but it was directed towards women towards the end. Interestingly he mentioned that he is a virgin due to a inferior complex which started due to him getting rejected for prom. Speaking to him he rather seemed like a genuine nice individual with a successful career who is alone due to insecurities. While mentioning that he wished to enter a relationship.

I believe three- four days ago I noticed a young women who facial expression, vibe was rather sad. It earnestly bugged me to see her downright sad. As I approached her and started to understand her sadness. In previous hours she broke up with her boyfriend due to lack of interest from his side while being douche while neglecting her. The women is African American, 5″6, around 120, athletic physique and gorgeous green eyes which made me wonder if he is blind or insecure. Making her mood better I started to see a very generous women who had a great contagious aura. 

While both situations are different I noticed both healthy individuals who desired to be around someone. I have noticed this among different individuals which it disturbs because regardless of the type of relationship you have, being intimate is almost fundamental to are health. It’s rather saddening to see good individuals not being able to find someone for which ever reason. 


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