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Art Of Seduction – 2

Seduction is part of any intimate relationship which is a great thing. Regardless of the form of relationship seduction should be an ongoing process. The reason which I choose to write about this topic is due to the fact that I notice many good intentional individuals are rather lonely. Which has me contemplating that yes intercourse is interesting but at times it is necessary to attract a person first. Learning from Sociologist, Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Educators, Behavioral Psychologist, Officers, Mentors, Dating coaches and from experiences this ideas have helped me improve my dating and sexuality which honestly it could improve your own life. I have a passion for this which the best form of return to me is hearing I have helped out an individual. I will be going over relationships and intercourse which will make the blog post lengthy, I will not be referencing because I have lost many books and some information was obtained thru interpersonal relationships; if not you could go thru my beginning blog post which should have the information which I am stating now. Last thought this information is basic because if I go into depth it would take many blog post and many individuals will charge you online for this, take this as an incentive to explore more in psychology, dating, and intercourse.

Everything starts with yourself which the reasons the results you are getting is because the knowledge you posses or do not implement and habits. So first take an analysis of yourself of insecurities, past relationships, beliefs about dating, intercourse, other people. Do you have a passion or a purpose in life, how well is your self-image? How do you perceive yourself? One way or another this all has an impact on relationships because you are part of it. In the long run start by healing insecurities, reading, Self-hypnosis, forming new habits to improve self-esteem. Overall this would make you a more alluring individual.


When it comes to dating your own emotions will tell you how a date is going or how you perceive is going. Think about emotions as an indicator on a car they are their to tell you if there is a problem or not. As you have probably read on my blog posts emotions are contagious which means that the emotions you feel are felt by another person. The way a human feels empathy is “Mirror ns” within the brain which are firing consistently to percieve threats and understand the environment which you are in. In the book “Emotional Intelligence” scientists notice that the brain of the ape turned on when communicating with a human being. Essentially apes have similar brain structures and they found out that humans when speaking the brains mimics one another.

If you understand the above sentence then you understand why it’s fundamnetally crucial to be in a positive mood around a potential mate. This in essence is why being observant of one’s own emotional state is necessary when it comes to anything in general within life as well as in dating. In intercourse having an intense emotional state as passion is recommended with a calm state of mind. This emotional state of mind will make another person feel desired, giving them a strong dosage of dopamine which will make you an addicting individual.

                         Body Language 101

Body language is a second form of communication which the sub-conscious mind is consistently monitoring of individuals around you. This form of communication is good to understand while it could get complex I always keep it simple. Body language became popular when President Kennedy first did a national televised presentation and showed how a facial expression, tone of voice, body posture could make a huge difference on how individuals perceived you.

  1. When walking always keep an erect posture with hands to the side, individuals who feel confident walk in this form. Also if you desire to feel confident get in this position and you would feel more positive, and alive.
  2. When speaking to any individual do not cross your arms; this is perceived as being defensive. Individuals who crossed their arms feel defencive or are comforting themselves or feel in some form threatened.
  3. Smiling as a universal facial expression which insinuates that you mean no harm. Essentially you are not here to hurt anyone while having an open palm also shows that you have nothing to hide.
  4. Do not insert hands into pockets because this usually stands for people are hiding something.
  5. When speaking to someone always have body facing them. This states that the other person has your undivided attention which will make the other person feel more calm and understood.
  6. Eye contact Always keep eye contact with another person. It is mentioned that the eyes are gateways to the soul which I onestly agree with. When you dedicate in off time looking into people eyes you come to understand and see different forms of emotions being expressed. Confident individuals could hold eye contact which in the beginning could be difficult if you are not accustomed to it. Rule of thumb always look at the right eye…it tends to be the dominant eye in the general public. If you find this difficult you could look between a person eyebrow and it will be like looking into another person eyes.

There also a skill which is called mimicking which essentially you mimic another person body language. Individuals love other individuals who are perceived as themselves; people have a narrcistic love to themselves.

Example – When seeing an ex-girlfriend which I believe is a remarkable women was sitting across from me. I notice her hands and body posture where following mine which I took as a good sign. They showed interest while having her undivided attention, I didn’t mention that we where mimicking one another body language, but she pointed it out later which to me I found fascinating because many individuals don’t know this.  When people mimics one another body language is because of interest, very similar, subconscious agree with mating with an individual and courting is going good. Remember when you are in tune with another person you will automatically mimick another person body language; such as in this case. You could do this consciously but do it in calm demeanor if not it could be strange.

In essence this is the basic in body language; if you desire to go in more depth you could find a whole source of information on this topic. Remember keep it simple; the body will always display how you feel inside.

                           Touching & Listening

Listening is a form of art which many individuals have lost touch with.  Understanding another individual requires patience while being in tuned how a person speaks as well as the content. When conversing a conversation is a two-way form of transferring information between individuals. I highly suggest to listen more than to speak, when a person speaks they let out a lot of information about themselves or things which they are interested in. This allows to understand a person deeply. I only have three rules I follow which have just become habits that allow me to understand individuals better.

  1. When listening never interrupt to insert your own opinion. It’s not just disrespectful it doesn’t allow the other person to finish their statement. Also I believe is lack of social intelligence which would lead to misinformation which if you would have patience would have gotten.
  2. While listening once in a while nod your head up and down which shows that you are actually paying attention. This confirms to the other person your interest as well as confirming what they are saying. People will feel understood and talk more openly with you.
  3. Actually be interested in the other person. I believe is an honor to be able to understand someone at a deeper level which not many individuals will allow with just anyone. I think it’s respectful also a great gift you could allow someone to express themselves with you.

Remember do this because you are actually interested in another human being. Show them that they are worthy and worthwhile to be heard. Every individual has a story which if you listen too could show you how special a person is.

Touching is necessary when it comes to seduction which requires confidence. Confidence is formed by you understanding you are good at something; maybe you are good at sports, racing, cooking etc. This will allow you to feel more confident because you are great at a specific thing. In the animal kingdom many animals smell, touch, court one another before mating. When meeting someone to see how comfortable someone is with you it is a good idea to touch someone who will also indicate a sexual interest.

  1. Touching the thighs, outside elbow, forearm are places which are not considered very private. Also it isn’t seen as invasive or overtly aggressive on your own part. When speaking if you are laughing just gently touch the arm to emphasis the statement which will calm the other individual.  This also will get the other individual to be okay with you touching them which is a great thing.
  2. Smell – There is a reason which perfumes are rather popular; not to mentioned pheromones. We are consistently letting out phermones which are indicating are healthiness for other mates. We aren’t aware of this consciously but are subconscious is. A good way to smell an individual if you aren’t ye intimate is to insinuate a game.


  • Ask the person if they are a good bitter. ( Person answer). Tell them let’s see who is a better bitter in playful manner.
  • When biting bite the underside of the forearm around the vein location which the bite should be a little rough but with a sensitive aspect to it. Once you took initiative let the other individual go next.
  • After tell them I couldn’t feel the bite(person answer), Now bite the neck with the same aggressive, sensitive aspect to it. Once you have bitten gently smell the neck as you slowly move away.

The point is to send this signal to the brain which will interpret as mating behavior. The person might find it as an aphrodisiac, maybe strange or not since it all. Remember do this in a pleasing manner as you court the lovely person you seek to be with.


I once read words are a women weakness which women want to be seduced and dominated by them. I cannon over emphasis how important words aren’t necessarily important but how you say them. You could possibly logically convince someone to have an attraction towards you but it probably won’t happen. That’s why when convincing someone it doesn’t work because they do not FEEL IT. The important aspect of this is feeling attracted towards you. Yes it is necessary to start reading which will expand the vocabulary you have. I recommend reading erotica which will give you words that instate sexuality and words that are emotionally loaded. I’ll give examples of things I have told women, but the important part is being HONEST and actually FEELING this towards the special person.

Remember when saying this type of phrases make eye contact without breaking away, imagine sweeping the person away. Also speak slowly without rushing any word which causes it to be dramatic.

  1. Do you believe in destiny?(Person Answer) I believe now destiny brought you into my life at the perfect time. Within myself I felt this strong uncontrolled feeling which told me that If I didn’t come for you I would regret it for the rest of my life. I had to follow my heart which I earnestly did and has led me to be laying here with your gorgeous self.
  2. I couldn’t help but notice you…I had to come and tell you.. How stunning you are.
  3. When I first laid eyes upon you I have been captivated by you. The strong effect which I undoubtably detest you have over me is overwhelming. Nobody in a long time makes me feel the way you make me feel; that tells me within myself that there is something very special about you.

When spoken with confidence, slowly, eye contact, strong emotion with minimal distance from another person this is powerful. Yes it requires confidence which you can’t really fake. 1 and 3 where directed to a specific women which had a strong effect on me since I met her, which I expressed the strong urge of emotions which I felt towards her. The 2 is more of sentence when you are meeting someone new who has led you mesmerized. Words are powerful when backed up with a strong emotions which there a good reason to be honest. Also if you aren’t attracted to the person then it won’t come off as genuine.

I noticed how long this blog post is so I will speak about intercourse in another blog post. When attracting another individual do it because they have a strong effect on you which you couldn’t help but express yourself towards them. Everything starts with yourself which is where it all begins. Attraction is a positive thing which bring multiple individuals together or a single person. Adore the person, admire, be relentless in love-making. The person is special and it’s a great gift to another person to be desired by a person which they want to be desired by.


The Affair 

Meeting a rather aluring women who name would be Amanda to conceal her identity told me a rather interesting story. Amanda is 37 years old now in her second marriage. She married at the age of 26 with her boyfriend who she been with six years, married for eight and divorced at 35. With her permission she wanted me to write about this in a poetic sense which might be difficult but with her help she aided me to possibly help other women who might be in the same situation. 

During lonely nights my heart waits patiently to see if you stir an eye towards me. The abyss seeing your self sink into alcohol, smoking, no sense of direction has led me endlessly questioning the nature about us. As the sun rises so shall the moon rise, as the birds chirp, so shall my endless nights of despair cringe me to be my utter worst nemesis. The thought of you seeking pleasure of my body has me feeling numb. 

I have betrayed the foundation I have built to build heaven instead of purgatory. His intensity driving my soul to flourish as he deliberaltely punishes my body as I ache for his wrath of desire I earnestly seek. Boundaries once I never would cross have been ripped apart Under his careful gaze. His eyes pierce to my very soul as he guides me to bliss which I have not felt for years. The wrath of his passion I soak up desperately has become a narcotic which I grew addicted to.

I fought to not fall, he picked me up as I left solidto to embrace an ache which couldn’t be fulfilled with you. As his words pierce my heart, the persistence in his eyes determined to fufill his heart felt desires; I know I am his Aphrodite which he admires. The thrill to be happy once again is an aphrodisiac which he utterly is committed to be. 

Lonely nights have been replaced with his presence. His careful intense gaze drives me to madness without a single word. I loved you once; the flame extinguished. On the other side my inner goddess was awaken; as I let out my bliss every single night into the air. The audacity, confidence, has me mersmrised as I am pushed to scream of extradionary euphoria. 
Amanda is speaking about her ex-husband and her present husband. The difference in how she felt internally during her first marriage and her present one. She was involved in affair before divorcing her husband at the time; rather felt guilty she has learned to see it as a blessing is disguise. Not necessarily saying to be unfaithful, but at times certain individuals enter are lives for particular reasons. 

Sexuality Pedistal

Take a little moment within your precious life to join me in this trip. Wether you are a mistress,single, in a relationship, open-relationship, friend with benefits, “friends”, sugar daddy, sugar mama, cheating, maybe seeing your e.x, or thinking about them, having fantasies, married, widow. Etc.

Imagine feeling the smooth texture of their skin. Mesmerized by the intoxicating smell of them. Words don’t describe or come close to the cosmic union that intensifies with seconds that past. Lips engulfing both of us within a bubble of passion and heat as a marathon of sweat drips from the exhaustion of are bodies; movements that don’t know the limitations of the human body. Depth of this carnal feeling isn’t something that time erases, but harnesses the yearning to a greater degree. Roughness as your body explodes from the hunger which I desperately have inhibit. Releasing desire which has you addicted to me; it’s an intoxication which only you can cure with the medicine are earnestly seek. I will be the doctor as you are my patient, I’ll prescribe the right prescription. 

Regardless of who you are (Women,Male, in- between) enjoy your sexuality. With yourself or the luxury of enjoying someone else. 


Expanded Orgasm – 2

I suggest to refer to the first post for instructions on how to follow the “Breath of Fire”. Be aware that as an individual always keep expanding in every aspect of one own life; you never stop learning and expanding.

The Breathe Of Fire

“The breath of fire is a Kundalini yoga technique. It is a powerfully energizing breath that gets the little neurons in your brain humming as it clears your lungs and cleanses your blood. The breath of fire is aptly named. I usually feel a lot of heat spreading out from the center of my body when I do this breath. This rapid, continuous breath is done entirely through the nose. It can be done in any position, but it’s best learned standing or sitting up with a straight spine. The emphasis of this breath is on the exhale.” I personally enjoy this breath more than the others; while jogging this could really wake you up.

  1. “Exhale. As you exhale, push the air out by rapidly pulling your navel to your spine.”
  2. “To inhale, simply release your navel outward. The breath fills your lungs automatically.”
  3. Put your hand on your diaphragm to focus your attention there and to feel the power of this breathe.”
  4. “Begin with one breath every two seconds; work up to one or two breaths per second.”

Requires a little practice, but I could honestly say it is worth it. The only conflicting part is to consciously do it while having intercourse.

The Heart Breath

  1. “Yawn. Feel how the yawn opens the back of your throat and stretches out your whole mouth and face? That’s the feeling of the openness you want when you do the heart breath.”
  2. “Breath. Let your mouth fall open slightly. Relax your jaw and face, open the back of your throat, and breath in through your mouth, gently but fully.”
  3. “Exhale. Don’t push the breath out; just let it fall out with a gentle little sigh,ahh.”
  4. “Take in a much air as you can, as effortlessly as you can, then let it go.”

Practice the breath till you get remember them and incorporate them into intercourse or masturbation and feel the difference. Remember it does not have to be perfect; just jump in and do it.


Carrellas, Barbara. Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century. Celestial Arts, 2007


It came to my attention that a friend had her images displayed because she left her boyfriend; which within itself is cowardly from his side. I will be writing about this within a story that happen about a year or so ago I remember being in an upscale condo in Sacramento with Allisa. If you read “The Power of Desire” I mentioned who she is. I am grateful for meeting her and the connections which I undoubtedly owe her more than words could suffice.

I remember looking out onto the bay as she laid asleep as I contemplated many things and Allisa came up repeatedly, how vulnerable she became with me even thought she is thirty years older than me. During my night stay I became aware she has multiple companies and is very confident within herself. I notice the humbleness which she displayed without reserve. Being brought up in San Fransisco her family didn’t have much which made her strive to be very successful. She accomplished the “American dream”, but wasn’t satisfied with having money. Now she owns multiple privately owned charities which she gives back in many ways. I was captivated by how caring she could be, but I knew she didn’t tolerate dishonesty by the way she spoke about honesty. As her walls came down little by little because I figured we would only see one another that night so I thought; she told me about family, relationships, insecurities, business, friends, love, things she detested, views on feminist ideals and things that shocked me. I didn’t expect for a women who I perceived as very confident show this many insecurities inside.

As I questioned and discussed many things throughout the night I learn to appreciate the little moments in which you share with someone even if it’s limited at times. When someone gives themselves to you so to speak it is something that is special. When seeing someone flaws and positive traits getting a more concrete image of a person and seeing the more authentic side underneath I believe is something not everyone shares with just anyone. Physically being with someone and them having trust that they will be safe with you I believe is a compliment and it’s something that is admirable. The moments you share blissfully with a person when time seizes to exist because all you perceive is one another; that is worthwhile and cherished in my perspective.

I could honestly say I detest when someone exposes another person because they are hurt. I understand the feeling, but that doesn’t justify the emotional weight you put on the other person for reviling things that some individuals consider very private. It’s really unfair that if a person gave themselves to you for that period of time and you use it against them. If the individual trusted you that much to send or let you take images of them; that within itself should be sacred and respected.


The Power Of Desire 

Desire Pill

Have you ever felt desire dwindling or felt you lack sexual drive? I was looking into how to make desire last in a long-term relationship. If the waning of lust or yearning could be brought back. I remember the pharmaceutical companies are creating pills in which would spike women desire back up, essentially the same as what Viagra does to men.

Apparently America is a big market for such pills ” medications, molecules aimed by pharmaceutical giants at the same despair, the feeling of desire’s vanishing, aimed at the same market, worth over four billion dollars a year in America alone”. As well it made me wonder why hasn’t a pill been made yet. It’s also interesting how birth control pills effect some women than others differently ” women whose antidepressants suffocate their desire. He would have a way to understand one of the conundrums of his field: why birth control pills snuffed out sexuality in some– but far from all–women”. It seems like women desire is rather more complex than males.

I wondered if a women desire seems to wain from more of a psychological perspective and why has no pill been approved by the FDA. The mind tends to control the body and sometimes vice versa, as well political has to do with the pills not being approved. ” Another reason was bound up with a David-and-Goliath battle that some therapist saw themselves fighting heroically against the drug industry–against its rush to find, win FDA approval for, and market what is loosely known as a female Viagra. Since the late nineties, when pharmaceutical companies has begun making billions by assisting erections with a chemical that affected the capillaries of the penis, the corporations had been seeking an equivalent for women. But this hadn’t been going smoothly, because women’s sexual problems usually aren’t genital; they’re entrenched in psycholigcal.” If this is true wouldn’t it be as easy as thinking differently? Or is it much deeper than just the thought process and something more biological?

The more political side of it would be society would change dramatically. The resonated with what Goldstein recounted from his involvement with Flibanserin. In Flibanserin’s trials, he hadn’t taken his usual outsider’s role, interviewing women, dispensing medication. He’d been hired as an advisor by the corporation that owned the molecule; he’d been in on strategy sessions. “When you’re going to the FDA with this kind of drug, there’s the sense that you want your effects to be good but not to good.” he said. Too good hadn’t turned out to be Flibanserin’s problem, but, he explained. “There was a lot of discussion about it by the experts in the room, the need to show that you’re not turning women into nymphomaniacs. There’s a bias, a bias against– a fear of creating the sexuality aggressive women. here’s this idea of societal breakdown.” This off course would be very negative to how society been structured for the last millenium or so. As far as we know off course.

As far I am aware the companies have not been able to find a drug that brings desire or lust back within a relationship. There are a few theories of why, I think there is other remedies but it is things I would have to test out first.


( Daniel,Bergner. What Do Women Want? United States : HarperCollins Publishers Inc. June 2013)

Three Women Speak

As I sat hearing the song Motivation by Kelly Rowland in Tierra Mia which is a coffee shop, drinking a horchata frappe sitting down I couldn’t help but overhear three young women speaking about intercourse. Sitting in a table near the door they where directly five feet away from me at their own table. It was rather empty being 12pm in the morning, but one of the women was speaking proudly about an experience that caught my attention.

I observe two of the women had black hair and are rather thin, I assumed around 115, no split ends which I figured they must take care of themselves and as well physique. Light brown tone to their complexion, the more excited one has brunette hair; 5’8 and seem toned; I figured from some type of sport. As I approached them I directed my attention to her specifically; I overheard your enthusiastic voice about a recent experience and I believe people would be interested in your story. What do you mean? I blog. About? Sex and relationships; I study this. They all laughed, and they all agreed why not. This off course is the short version off the conversation.

The brunette was Brenda which introduced me to Stephanie and Janet, apparently all college students. Tell me what happen, I have had only one partner in my life till I met this guy his name is Joseph. We met about six months ago and I couldn’t be helped but he tried to flirt with me and is rather daring. I felt this excitement and a little uncomfortable of the fact that he is twenty – eight and I am twenty. This didn’t stop him and last night I gave into him, which shocked me because it took my E.X three year till we had sex. I think he is a bad boy even thought he is older; I think all he wants is sex which is okay with me. They all laughed and giggle; how was the sex?

It was nothing like I ever felt; Like I felt bad and naughty and desired. Like he did a lot to get me; I wore a thong and special lingerie for him. He was extremely rough with me and I enjoyed myself like never before. I had one orgasm but that orgasm was so deep and so exhilarating that it shook my body and left me breathless. He said it was a form of tantra, breathing techniques? ( I figured she had a full body orgasm, I have seen women eyes roll back, full body twitching and not being able to walk from this. Could be really strong when you mix tantra with intercourse). Stephanie saying I haven’t even had an orgasm you lucky b****. Janet apparently hasn’t had intercourse, everyone at their own time.

Brenda was talking to me about how deep can an orgasm go? There this thing in Tantra in which it’s called becoming with one or an all blissful orgasm that shoots out of your head and you feel at peace. People say it’s possible but it requires knowing your breathing techniques, hmm maybe Joseph could help me with that. Yes, he sounds experience and I am thinking you will be enjoying yourself with him. Yes I am!


Come As You Are

I am usually curious about how women inhibit their sexuality or I usually try to understand why a women wouldn’t be comfortable in her own body. Everyone has a different answer; let’s look into a book I have found intriguing.

While being raised to some extent I figured women are more sexual than presumed. It made me wonder why then tell women that they are “slutty” or “whore” when they are just expressing themselves? “We’re raising women to be sexually dysfunctional, with all the ‘no’ messages we’re giving them about diseases and shame and fear. And then as soon as they’re eighteen they’re supposed to be sexual rock stars, multiorgasmic and totally uninhibited. It doesn’t make any sense. None of the things we do in our society prepares women for that.” It would make more sense if women are raised to enjoy themselves so they could have more healthy relationships with themselves and with others. You could put a male in the same situation and he would be praised for exploring and enjoying himself.

I found this passage rather interesting “I am done living in a world where women are lied to about their bodies; where women are objects of sexual desire but not subjects of sexual pleasure; where sex is used as a weapon against women; and where women believe their bodies are broken, simply because those bodies are not male. And I am done living in a world where women are trained from birth to treat their bodies as the enemy.” As more information comes out daily it would make sense to bring one another up not down. Yes not everyone is the same, but nonetheless it doesn’t make sense to put someone down. If sex is such a big thing why are people so insecure about talking about it or expressing it? It has to do with social norms and a lot to do how we are brought up from a young age.

At the end the message is the same, we are all the same just different in are own unique way. “We know by now that there’s no such thing as normal—or rather, that we’re all normal. We’re all made of the same parts as everyone else, organized in a unique way. No two alike.”  So I agree to come as you are because in your own each way each one of you are special; if that touched you then smile to someone because you never know what a smile could do.


(Emily Nagoski, Come As You Are, Scribe Publications, 2015)

Different Perspective on Love

Today I finally got to see my business mentor; he left to France and came back and left again. He off course is vastly different from my other mentor but both have achieved great thing’s in their own perspective. Being In DockWeiler Beach today in the morning it is rather windy and very warm and sunny as we walked down the long bike route. I appreciate his calmness and politeness as he is fifty years old now. His perspective shows me how vastly people see things in life and how we choose are own beliefs.

How are you he asked? I am fine and feeling well now. How is everything regarding business and relationships. They are great and getting better, how about intimate. I smiled and said they are looking up. We were both in suits and the warm weather was not helping. You have much wisdom to offer me; what do you think about love and intercourse? I don’t think you have asked me that before, what is wrong? I was off course sincere, but I am asking to broaden my perspective. As he stopped I stopped and he turned towards the beach and spoke gently and softly.

What do you see when you look into the water? I see depth and wisdom and much that has not been explored. Now imagine women as water, fluid, dancing, energy that doesn’t stop flowing. Always changing; at times warm at other times cold. At times the water moves rapidly and other times it moves slow and gentle. You can’t contain an ocean in a cup; you just guide and nourish it and when it needs direction you move it in that direction. Be the wind that moves the water and gently guide it; not the boat that just goes thru it. As I felt the wind against my skin and the heavy jacket on my shoulders; I understood what he was saying.

I am aware that me and your other mentor have different perspectives on this; did you follow your deepest heart-felt truth? Yes I did, then there is nothing else to do son. Doing what you desire and following your truth in this life is what makes you grow the fastest. I believe you know everything is interconnected; things don’t happen by chance. I know but at times I like to believe am guiding things. Then Can you explain somethings that have happen in the last few years? Not everything. Then remember just because the current of the ocean is going another way doesn’t mean it won’t come back towards you.

Be patient, be understanding, and don’t be afraid to let yourself go. You have much wisdom it makes me wonder how I could grow faster. He smiled take your time and enjoy the moment. You understand that you shared something deeply with someone; yes. Was the moments worth everything? Yes. Did you grow? Yes. What else you want? Communication. You know what words are? Yes a form of medium to transmit information. Yes I am also aware that words are meaningless; I at times had a hard time to find the words to express something that wasn’t expressible thru words. I believe the eyes showed everything that needed to be said; then she knows son.

Relationships and Sex

I’ve been asked to talk about relationships and sex about my own personal views. How has it differed from back when I was younger till now because they notice my writing has changed and why? I appreciate the people who have been following me for some time now and thanks, This is how I see Relationships and Sex.

At the age of ten I became sexually active so I was an early bloomer and have been sexually active since then. Intercourse from ten till around seventeen was just intercourse and it was addicting because of the dopamine release, I was essentially active every single day. This lead for me to gain experience from different partners but intercourse was Vanilla and the traditional positions; but I had a flair for danger and getting away with it. Around the age of seventeen I got into trouble and everything changed. I tend to look at this time as how I was and how I am now. I changed most of my demeanor and started to read, meditate, aiming for something higher, take risks. Sex within itself became deeper and had more meaning. I was taught rough sex, a bit of tantra, a little bit of Bondage and partners who were more into sadism. I remember intercourse would only last from 3-10 minutes when I was young and on average that is how long most males last, but then it is biological unless you learn otherwise. My preferences where off course fast paced intercourse at that time, now I prefer intercourse to be more sensual, rough, and alternate speed to expand intercourse into thirty – forty minutes. I believe in enjoying a partner as long as possible and seeing how far you could take them.

Relationships is vastly different and come in many different forms. When I was a teenager I believed in monogamy and was firm on my belief. At that age I did date here and there and I understood how to “keep” a relationship going. They never lasted because of my over highly sexual libido at that time and also for many insecurities I had when I was younger. I don’t date now as often and very rarely do I consider dating. Women have to catch my attention mentally, emotionally, physically for me to really desire to date. I care for all my partners; but only two have taken me that deeply. My intimate relationships now are more fulfilling and I get to understand my partners at a deeper level. I won’t deny the fact that I still do believe in monogamy to the extent that you understand a women sexuality is different from social norms. I believe to stay in a long-term relationship at least for me it will have to be someone liberal as me and who is highly sexual and is open to trying many new things. I think intimately I believe relationships are there to help you grow and expand and not become a routine.

My personal views on relationships and sex? I think it comes down to who you are as a person. The intercourse and communication and understanding only came from knowledge and applying that knowledge. I essentially changed myself and I understand there is still much more to understand and grow. I never understood that your life is a reflection of who you are; then it dawned on me one day when I was asking myself what has changed. I don’t know how else to put this, but if you don’t take the risk or believe in yourself to get what you want or desire you will never know what would’ve have been. I mean this in relationships and sex; I personally believe in doing what you want. This is the reason why I attract the partners I attract; find something that makes you attractive but it has to be a reflection of who you are.

At end there is so much to learn and grasp and understand. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mentors and friends and family. I had the opportunity to be with some very wonderful women; I have learned a lot and continue to learn and grow. Be the best you can be I believe so when you meet is a no brainer:}.