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If you apply this concept into life I believe it could make it more interesting. One of my first teachers sent me a link to a video in which it explains how some individuals see life as something that happen and passed by like if it was just yesterday. I believe that is a sad way to live with no goal or no direction. The link will be at the bottom and you could check it out.

I am aware people love to live day-to-day and not always worry about tomorrow and that is fine everyone has their own structure. The problem I see with this is that it becomes a routine and we stop pushing to see new opportunities. This within itself could become a self fulfilling destiny because are habits do become are destiny.

Don’t forget to push yourself towards something new and drive towards novelty because it will bring upon a new experience. Make a new business, go against social norms(I love this one), do the opposite of what people do, make a new habit, challenge yourself to have sex for two hours, write a book, if something makes sense do the opposite, forget common sense, you want another individual then go for it! Forget social norms; be a daredevil, a pathfinder, carve your own path, what am saying is live life-like it’s an adventure and don’t stop in the familiar. Yes it could be scary, but once you accept everyone is going to die it just a matter of how you want to look back and see what you have accomplished.


Link To Video


Dating Mentor 2

I was aware my dating mentor would only be here for a week so I asked him to join me yesterday in Griffith park for a hike. It was essentially his last day being here in the United States so why not ask. We met up at Griffith Park around 8AM and started are jog/hike to the top. Even thought he is forty something I could tell he is in better shape than me. As we moved upward he told me I was thinking about what you told me. I think you are moving too slow and not going fast enough. I looked at him seriously and he stopped, I asked him what is the best wisdom you would give me then. He thought for a second and told me you have to know what you want and take it.

As we ascended Griffith Park I thought about what he said; is nothing new I haven’t heard. You’re holing back to much, let go and take what you really want. Not what you think you can get but what you really want. You should take more risk’s and put your heart out there and go a hundred percent. Specially in business Alex; you can’t play around you have to go much more deeper. You have done much but that isn’t in off you have to really let go and burn everything so you don’t have no return. This is actually the first time I seen him get serious, he actually tends to be calm and has this high energy. I understand where you’re at; we all been there. Like there isn’t just one right path when it comes to business; you have to be you and just go get it. I have and it isn’t like I haven’t done what I had to do, but I agree I could go deeper.

Let’s try something I have tried with my own mentor like ten years ago. Let’s say you are mentoring me. I laughed you are basically twenty years older than me, yes but that’s not the point. The point is let’s say I am in your shoes and you are where you dream your life to be. Essentially like the bigger picture where you will be going. Okay. What will you tell me to do if you were already there. From Business to relationships. As I thought deeply I figured well first simplify your life to the most minimal. You don’t need the old car let it go, any junk you don’t need let it go or throw it away. Secondly find something you have a high interest in or passionate about. Find a way to market that and learn from other people who are doing the same thing. Eat healthier and stop eating fast food and just smile to smile. You are still alive and that within it self is worth living for. Relationships well if you are with someone and you told them what are your plans and they stay be grateful you have someone supportive. I believe relationships are there to help you grow and motivate you to be better not to settle and let life pass you.

Think about life in this sense; what would you be doing if you could be doing anything right now if not; if it was your last day here what would you do? He looked at me and said then what is the problem? I was rather confused but then understood, a mentor is there to push you not kid you around. Any successful person has a mentor; at times we can’t see are own blind spots. He told me go get what you want, I don’t care what it is or what it isn’t. If your heart say’s yes I desire then move without hesitation. Like I said anything it is just go and get it, As I stared at him I told him I already do that. No you don’t you are holding back. Did you just not hold back? I was getting irritated but yes I did just hold back. He smiled, believe me I have my own mentors who are further than me and I get lectured. You just have to keep growing daily and stay focus; that’s honestly all it is. We laughed and it just made me wonder how far can a person really go?


Helping Animals

I am part of organization in which I am lucky to be part off, I was introduced by a women who is part of the organization and today I had a meeting which I didn’t need to attend too but I decided too. I was promoted recently to higher position and had a say about what ideas to follow. I am aware that within the organization there is a lot of human right projects and many projects to help out children in third world countries. As being promoted I was called upon to the front and speak out an idea which could help better improve this world.

Speaking affront of three hundred people I was feeling a little nervous, but I was thinking to myself do you still got this? I thought what could be something that has never been said before and could improve the world even if its minor? I said animals, a man spoke up and said what about animals? Animals are beings put down all across the United States daily because we need more room and have ” Little resources”. I believe we could find another way and measurement and save animals. It isn’t fair that animals are being put down in such way; they are beings and understand. If you look at an animal being put down you see sadness in their eyes. As we have souls so do animals, everything has a purpose and a place here. Animals protect us and we put them down when we don’t need them or because they don’t look cute? Would you like to be put down because you become  “Useless”. They understand when you are sad, happy, and mad and try to cheer you up. They could become your companions and many of you have pets don’t you? ( I was rather surprised how well I said this). I knew instantly I found my drive back.

The people were rather moved and asked how can we do this? We could start in California start building sanctuaries in major cities in where animals are rescued and brought there to be taken care off and adopted. They should be seen as perfect and equal to any other animal regardless of how they are. We will start in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco and if there no room in the cities we could make them in neighboring cities or counties. We would save millions and the expenditure could be a non-profit. Then see the success rate and expand to other 49 States and lead by example and have families adopt the animals. We have to see animals as equal as human beings and not mistreat them or see them for less. I got a round of applause and three ideas are always chosen for as long as I have been here. My idea was picked and the project will be under way by June.

Later I was eating and a homeless individual started talking to me before I sat down. I asked him to sit with me and he appreciated it. I could see he was hungry so I gave him half my food, he told me I am a good friend. I laughed and told him thanks. We had a short talk and I asked him for his wisdom in life? He told me ” Treat everyone as equal regardless of skin, religion, or how they look, we are all the same”. I smiled and felt this humbleness of him and I asked him if enjoyed the food. He answered off course there not that many nice people in the world, I smiled and said you just have to open your eyes a little more. (Laughter from both of us).

Regardless of who you are man, women, in between, ethnicity, color we shouldn’t discriminate. You would be surprised what you could learn from other people, at the end we work better when we actually work together regardless of who you are. It’s rather ignorant to put someone down because they are a certain way. Open your eyes a little more and you will see better.

Till I Collapse

The song Till I Collapse by Eminem I really enjoy hearing, this will be a very personal post so no references. For the last three years I have been striving to be successful and have done MLM, Email Marketing, Trading, Life Insurance, and e-commerce. Honestly I have grown a lot but also have suffered because not everything was for me and I was doing it without passion. I have also made people closely to me stress and suffer for my irresponsibility for doing things my way, but it does have a good ending.

At the age of seven or eight I started playing street football with high school students. I learn getting tackled into a metal pole hurts and that quitting wasn’t an option. Growing up and playing sports I learn that quitting isn’t an option. I never had a father figure, but I did have my older sister and my younger sister. My older sister has a strong personality and taught me discipline and hard love with tender love in her own way. Honestly speaking if it wasn’t for my older sister I ain’t sure who I would be today. I owe a lot to my sister thru everything I put her thru she deserves the best and I am making sure that she and her family will be taken care of. I believe with the guidance from my older sister she taught me not to quit and have determination in following thru with what I say even if I do things she doesn’t agree with.

Sincerely speaking reading many books and staying focus on my goals I have been irresponsible in certain aspects of my life. Having people around me telling me to just go back to work actually effected me  till it got to the point I out grew it. I understood what depression and heartache and feeling hopeless felt like when knowing things are not working out. This is the times that I got to see a new side of me; feeling like quitting was something new to me. Honestly speaking I felt like quitting multiple times but something within me never let me. You have to understand that after three years and not having anything to show took a mental toll and emotionally draining. Even after being depressed and not knowing what to do I would complain for like thirty minutes and then I would start strategizing in how to make solutions.

I started having seizures so I figured I could die in my sleep, I put more pressure to make certain I produce tangible results. Instead of scaring me it actually motivated me to move much more faster and stay up later working. In a sense I didn’t fear dying because there wasn’t any point. This worried people around me and my family especially my mom, I believe she has endured the most. I don’t understand a mother’s love, but she has supported me after everything. I can’t stand seeing my mother suffer so knowing that I am finally becoming successful will make her happy. I believe the greatest gift I could give my mom is for me to be more healthy and me being financially free.

This is a Sex and Relationship blog; so yes there is a special women who is heping me out. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and it has been tough in it’s own way. At the same time it has been emotionally rewarding and I have gotten a lot of happiness and motivation from the relationship. It has been challenging and I have had my boundries rather pushed and extended, but I believe in growing and expanding in a relationship. We are growing stronger and with many challenges we are still here and going forward. I will be the best I can be, but I do expect the same because I don’t believe neither of us deserve anything less.

At the end I am becoming successful and moving pretty rapidly. I have learned a lot and have read many books and have become a better person I believe. The song Till I Collapse essentially states that he won’t quit till his last breath and till he collapses essentially. I have the same mentality I will keep fighting and moving forward regardless the obstacle because no one is going to stop me from getting what I desire. If seizures can’t kill me, depression can’t paralyze me, I have nothing to fear and am telling you not to quit on your dreams. It took me three years to start becoming successful; you could do it faster. Never quit, Never quit. To me I will take care of my family and return the favors of everyone that has helped me because I wouldn’t be here without all the people who have helped me in one way or another.

Thank You, Everything Was Worth It.