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Breaking Point – 2

“Were not done yet” “What!?, I don’t think I could take it anymore. You already given me more orgasms than I can’t count. I feel numb” He seem to be contemplating ” it’s okay one more will do, get on your knees.” I won’t deny I wanted him to cum into me and fill me up with all his juices. He was still hard as he grabbed my juices with his fingers and put them into my anus. It shocked me” It’s okay you will enjoy this” so far he knows what is he doing so why not. “Okay”. He inserted a dildo into my ass with a slow steady pace, allowing me to get use to this feeling. As I breathed into to get use to the feeling he inserted his penis into my vaginal. In a rhythm that drove me too far as he reached around to stimulate my clitoris at the same time. Holy shit an addiction that drove me obsessed with the intoxication in my veins as I was left speechless. As his onslaught became merciless and pounding into my ass, vagina, I couldn’t bear it anymore. My body ached with a rupture which I thought would explode me into a million shattered pieces. As I screamed “Daimon please I can’t take it anymore! I can’t please just cum with me please. I want all your juices inside me and feel all of you please!” His groaned came out hoarse and deep, driving my animalistic senses to a whole new depth I didn’t know existed. ” Now Julie” as I screamed his name “Daimon” feeling all his juices feel all of me. Exhausted as we both laid down; shaking all over my body tense as the aftershocks flowed all over me. I couldn’t say anything I stopped existing feeling the indulgence of desire.

He laid beside me as I observed his figure in the dark. It has only been a few days and I have grown attached to him. I feel confused almost shocked at how fast things have happen. “I will be back, want water?” “Yes please”. Seeing him go makes me ache inside which definitely tells me I am attached to him. At times I have a hard time understanding myself but he seems to understand me and have some patience. I am afraid that he would get bored of me and leave me, I am scared to love him. I’ve been hurt before and he seems to tear down my walls and see me for who I am. I have to be strong and independent and not let my feelings run wild. Seeing him return I wondered how he felt, did he want me or just sex? Was I the only one?

“Daimon I feel like everything happened so fast” as he looked at me intrigued seeking with his eyes for more information. I already said this might as well continue “The way you make me feel; you are so passionate and driven and relentless. I am afraid that you will get bored and move on. I don’t like getting hurt and you don’t seem like you will settle.” Looking into his eyes I seen something I have never seen in him before. Was it compassion, anguished, uncertainty it’s like he lost his composure. He set the water down on the table as he sat naked on the edge of the bed. Thinking deeply to what he will be saying. As he looked at me closely his stare driving a fire inside me with just his intensity making me nervous he looked away as he struggled inwardly with something.

His body was tense as he looked at me again his voice was soft and compassionate “Julie” he paused never looking away as the tension grew between us. ” I don’t do this with just anyone, when I first laid eyes on you I knew I have found what I’ve been aching for.” I was lost for words searching to see if he was lying but I know he is being honest and straightforward with me. I could tell he was honest because he was struggling as he doesn’t like being vulnerable. “I love who you are Julie, and that within itself is a gift that God placed in my life and deeply grateful for. You are what I want and I knew that since I first laid eyes on you.”



The soul seeks growth, at times the best things are the thing we can’t see but only feel deep within ourselves which words can’t describe but we feel. – Alex


Sexual Fluidity

I believe that we have all had a friend that at some point was Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual and went in a whole different direction after some time. It made me wonder how someone sexuality could change so dramatically, is it biological or just the environment. So far there isn’t a whole single answer, but I am starting to think there isn’t just one answer. As humans we are complex beings and one single answer might not encompass are sexuality even thought we like to think there is just one answer.

Is sexuality just due to in environment and opportunity or biological? Well According to Lisa M. Diamond ” Similarly, in the late 1970s the sociologist Philp Blumestein and Pepper Schwartz conducted a groundbreaking study of more than 150 men and women with bisexual patterns of sexual behavior. They found that thought some of their respondents had experienced same-sex desires for many years, others appeared to have undergone major changes in their sexual attractions. They concluded that early childhood influences on sexuality ( whatever they may be) were not immutable, and that most individuals were unaware of their own capacity for change in sexuality over time.” I found this intriguing specially due to the fact that the sexual revolution only started ten years prior. Also something that stood out to me is how can someone change their sexual orientation or not be aware that it could change with time. Could it be that the curiosity was already there? Or is it just a hormonal change with time that activates?

Within the book Sexual Fluidity by Lisa M. Diamond describes what Fludity means. According to Lisa M. Diamond Fludity is defined ” Sexual fluidity, quite means situation-dependant flexibility in women’s sexual responsiveness. This flexibility makes it possible for some women to experience desires for either men or women under certain circumstances, regardless of their overall sexual orientation.” Essentially women Sexuality could change at times depending on the environment or what is happening in their life. I also think that even thought this book is on women sexuality, it could happen to males as well. Even thought it seems like males tend to stick to certain orientations throughout their life’s. This does this mean all women could be bisexual? Lisa M. Diamond says ” No. Fludity can be thought of as an additional component of a women’s sexuality that operates in concert with sexual orientation to influence how her attractions, fantasies, behaviors, and affections are experienced and expressed over the life course. Fluidity implies not what women’s desires are endlessly variable but that some women are capable of a wider variety of erotic feelings and experiences than would be predicted on the basis of their self described sexual orientation alone.”

Lisa M. Diamond does go into brain structures and hormonal changes. I was aware that alteration to the brain could make an individual act differently than before, ” Returning to the neuroendocrine theory, extensive animal research has shown that androgens and estrogens secreted by the developing fetal genitals play a fundamental role in sexual differentiation in mammalian brains. Furthermore, alterations in fetal hormone exposure have been associated with alterations in animals adults sexual behaviors. Specifically, male-typed sexual behavior in female animals has been associated with abnormally high levels of prenatal androgen exposure, whereas female-typed sexual behavior in male animals has been associated with abnormally low levels of androgen exposure.” Essentially hormonal changes just the slightest could affect animals sexual behaviors. This made me contemplate with all of are processed food how does it affect us, not to mention he substances we put within ourself. ” This findings has led researches to speculate that similar processes might operate for humans, such that same-sex sexual orientation might reflect alterations in brain “masculinization” or “feminization” owing to altered prenatal hormones environments.” The neuroendocrine theory is arguing that are sexuality is already predestined, due to hormones. The problem with this is that as humans we are more complex than animals; even thought we are still animals.

The book Sexual fluidity is very intriguing and I did skip much information. The author doesn’t agree with ether environment or are genes define are sexuality. Rather that it takes many factors and much-needed research is still needed. I Think that it could be both also; even thought genetics has a big say in are makeup; we could still change and as humans we do. I do understand that women and males at times aren’t certain why they are attracted to individuals that probably before they wouldn’t have found them attractive. It could be confusing for them, just know that you decide what you do with your life and don’t let others tell you what is right or wrong.


Diamond M. Lisa,(2009) Sexual Fluidity, USA, Harvard University Press

Till I Collapse

The song Till I Collapse by Eminem I really enjoy hearing, this will be a very personal post so no references. For the last three years I have been striving to be successful and have done MLM, Email Marketing, Trading, Life Insurance, and e-commerce. Honestly I have grown a lot but also have suffered because not everything was for me and I was doing it without passion. I have also made people closely to me stress and suffer for my irresponsibility for doing things my way, but it does have a good ending.

At the age of seven or eight I started playing street football with high school students. I learn getting tackled into a metal pole hurts and that quitting wasn’t an option. Growing up and playing sports I learn that quitting isn’t an option. I never had a father figure, but I did have my older sister and my younger sister. My older sister has a strong personality and taught me discipline and hard love with tender love in her own way. Honestly speaking if it wasn’t for my older sister I ain’t sure who I would be today. I owe a lot to my sister thru everything I put her thru she deserves the best and I am making sure that she and her family will be taken care of. I believe with the guidance from my older sister she taught me not to quit and have determination in following thru with what I say even if I do things she doesn’t agree with.

Sincerely speaking reading many books and staying focus on my goals I have been irresponsible in certain aspects of my life. Having people around me telling me to just go back to work actually effected me  till it got to the point I out grew it. I understood what depression and heartache and feeling hopeless felt like when knowing things are not working out. This is the times that I got to see a new side of me; feeling like quitting was something new to me. Honestly speaking I felt like quitting multiple times but something within me never let me. You have to understand that after three years and not having anything to show took a mental toll and emotionally draining. Even after being depressed and not knowing what to do I would complain for like thirty minutes and then I would start strategizing in how to make solutions.

I started having seizures so I figured I could die in my sleep, I put more pressure to make certain I produce tangible results. Instead of scaring me it actually motivated me to move much more faster and stay up later working. In a sense I didn’t fear dying because there wasn’t any point. This worried people around me and my family especially my mom, I believe she has endured the most. I don’t understand a mother’s love, but she has supported me after everything. I can’t stand seeing my mother suffer so knowing that I am finally becoming successful will make her happy. I believe the greatest gift I could give my mom is for me to be more healthy and me being financially free.

This is a Sex and Relationship blog; so yes there is a special women who is heping me out. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and it has been tough in it’s own way. At the same time it has been emotionally rewarding and I have gotten a lot of happiness and motivation from the relationship. It has been challenging and I have had my boundries rather pushed and extended, but I believe in growing and expanding in a relationship. We are growing stronger and with many challenges we are still here and going forward. I will be the best I can be, but I do expect the same because I don’t believe neither of us deserve anything less.

At the end I am becoming successful and moving pretty rapidly. I have learned a lot and have read many books and have become a better person I believe. The song Till I Collapse essentially states that he won’t quit till his last breath and till he collapses essentially. I have the same mentality I will keep fighting and moving forward regardless the obstacle because no one is going to stop me from getting what I desire. If seizures can’t kill me, depression can’t paralyze me, I have nothing to fear and am telling you not to quit on your dreams. It took me three years to start becoming successful; you could do it faster. Never quit, Never quit. To me I will take care of my family and return the favors of everyone that has helped me because I wouldn’t be here without all the people who have helped me in one way or another.

Thank You, Everything Was Worth It.




Women Dominant and Males Submissive?

As times go by it seems that many individuals have problems with the opposite sex and equal rights movements happening more often now. Women in general don’t make as much as her counterpart even if they hold the same position in a corporation. It has made me wonder if this is social conditioning or are we actually hard-wired to be this way? There are species in which women are the dominant one within the species and males are there just to court and reproduce. Is it possible that everything we do is just to attract more partners? I don’t have every evidence possible, but it is something I have contemplated whether it is social conditioning or nature.

We will start with other ape and primate species in where one is dominated by female and the other by male. “There, In Asian mountains or lowlands forests, adult males lurked at the edges of female-run domains. The females invited them in to serve sexually. The males remained–desirable, dispensable –until the female lost interest in them. Then they were dismissed, replaced. In his compound, Wallen removed the breeders and introduced new males about every three years, the time it took for them to become irrelevant, for their claims to wane, for the frequency pf their copulation almost always female-initiated– to fade. In the wild they seemed to stay attractive only slightly longer.” ” Rhesus females are very xenophobia when it comes to other females,” Wallen said. “Introduce a new female into the compound and she’ll be hounded until she dies. But when it comes to males, females have a bias toward novelty.” Essentially in Rhesus society the women dominate the species and when courting happens and when it does not. The males are actually the passive ones and not the aggressors, but rather the females are.

The Bonobo

Bonobos are female dominant, with females forming tight bonds against males through same-sex socio-sexual contact that is thought to limit aggression. In the wild, they have not been seen to cooperatively hunt, use tools, or exhibit lethal aggression.

The Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are male dominant, with intense aggression between different groups that can be lethal. Chimpanzees use tools, cooperatively hunt monkeys, and will even eat the infants of other chimpanzee groups.

Bonobos and Chimpanzees share close to 99% of their genome in common with humans, meaning that their genomes are more similar to that of humans than they are to that of gorillas. However, it may be that Bonobos, whose psychology is virtually unstudied relative to that of chimpanzees, are more similar to humans than are chimpanzees in how they solve various social problems (e.g. Hare, Melis, Woods, Hastings, & Wrangham, 2007). Such similarities may even be partly the result of shared and heritable neurophysiology that potentially regulates the social emotions of humans and Bonobos in similar ways (Hammock & Young, 2005). This is species that are really related to us as humans, so it makes me wonder if it is actually ingrained instinct and not just conditioning within the species. Within this species there are hierachies and active communication within the species; but it makes me wonder if this is how it was since each species started.

I read a book that are mind and what we do in our life could just be a way to attract partners. The peacock features it’s big and wonderful tail, but doesn’t neccesarily have any survival pruposes. The argument was that are big proportinal brain doesn’t neccesarily help for survival; rather it takes much energy for any purpose for survival. I wrote about this in another article just click here.

As times has passed and many of human socieities have perished; from what I understand many if not all socieities have been patriarchy dominated. So it makes me wonder if we are like the Chimpanzees in that sense; or is it that thru conditioning for hundreds of years it has been embeded in are subconscious mind and just became a social norm. I understand there are women right movements such as “The first gathering devoted to women’s rights in the United States was held July 19–20, 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York. The principal organizers of the Seneca Falls Convention were Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a mother of four from upstate New York, and the Quaker abolitionist Lucretia Mott.1 About 100 people attended the convention; two-thirds were women. Stanton drafted a “Declaration of Sentiments, Grievances, and Resolutions,” that echoed the preamble of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.” Among the 13 resolutions set forth in Stanton’s “Declaration” was the goal of achieving the “sacred right of franchise.”

I am putting this in the context of sexuality and courting; from experience I have noticed that when a women wants to attract a male she becomes submissive and the male becomes the dominant one. This doesn’t neccesarily mean women are passive and just sexual objects; ir’s just observations and seeing that social norms also makes this behaviors appropiate. It could be the opposite way if we change are conditioning; it would be different. One thing is for certain I belief women and males balance one another out and work better together; in cultures such as buddihism they call this male and female enegies. Or you could also see it as Ying and Yang; if you put both sides together it becomes whole so I belief that without one another things wouldn’t be the same.


Chimps and Bonobos 

Women Rights 

What Do Women Want?

The Mating mind ArticleThe Mating mind Article



The other day I was having an interesting conversation about my life with someone close to me about being realistic and being a dreamer. Off course I understood where they as a person was coming from and at the end of the day I respect people opinion, but this is my ideas and beliefs about dreaming.

Not everyone desires a Ferrari 458 Italia or a huge sky scraper in downtown Los Angeles. Then again people believe something is unrealistic because “it is to good to be true”. Not sure how anything could to good to be true? Sounds like lack of confidence or your own personal worth. I do understand that people are afraid but then again if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone and go after what you really desire how do you really expect to live. Like how do you expect to really see your true potential if you don’t give yourself a chance to really strive.

Nothing has never been really accomplished by being ” realistic”, ever great thing done to advance humanity has been done by dreaming and people daring to strive for something more. People settle for less, they want a new Honda and I am thinking why not have the whole dealership? People get excited for getting a .50 cents raise and I am thinking why not get a million dollar raise. Some individuals are excited being in a cubicle for a company and I am thinking why not own the company.

I say strive for the best don’t be contempt with the small stuff, literally thinking a 401K or social security will take care of you once you retire is the life then you are in for a rude awakening. I say why settle for less when we both know we all deserve the best, don’t let people destroy your dreams rather use that to fuel them. Also money is not bad it just amplifies who you are as a person, if you are nice you will just be nicer and actually be able to contribute that money to charities and help other people. I say Dream as much as possible and give yourself the opportunity to be great and not settle for anything less than what you are really worth.

Open Relationships

I was asked about open relationships and I hope this clarifies why I prefer open relationships over monogamy. After reading substantially about human beings and are nature it seems pretty clear that we where not meant to be just with a single partner. I will put every book I have read at the end, you could make your own informed decision.  I will talk about open relationships, polygamy, monogamy, and how I personally set up my relationships. I don’t feel like referencing today so I will just put out my knowledge as it flows.

I grew up in a traditional background believing in being with one person and that is what women wanted. Interesting in of the temptation to cheat was always there? This did not make sense; if we as human beings are meant to with one person then why even have the temptation?  Or are man just more willing to cheat and spread their seeds because of survival instinct. In this theory males instinctively want to spread their genes; male are still not faithful? Have you ever wondered why women are able to have multiple orgasms and keep going even after a male has ejaculated? Did you know that women who are getting near ovulating are 5x more likely to cheat, this is probably why males tend to be around their girlfriends or text more often because of instinctual way to protect. As we know being with one person its pretty difficult the longer you are with an individual. As society we place high expectations on relationships on marriage that when it does not live up to the hype it is a let down. This does not mean I do not date; I just do things differently.

Polygamy on the other hand is having multiple partners, but you could also just have one main partner. When researching on swinger happiness compare to the traditional monogamous relationship the swingers are in general more happy and have more interesting lives just in general. The couple has come to a consensus  to be with another partner with established rules if the couple is being a swinger. The open relationship model usually means that there always new partners to have intercourse with. The brain is always seeking for patterns; if you ever notice once you do something so often you see patterns and becomes predictable. When you have intercourse with a partner over and over even if you have variety eventually one way or another you know the outcome. No matter what you do the outcome is going to happen. That is the problem with usual sex advice; at a certain point it will be exciting then the high of dopamine will fade away as time passes. As you are aware if you ever dated in the beginning you are all excited then as time passes the bond form from the chemical vasopressin settles in. This forms the long-lasting bond for child-bearing and taking care of children. As relationships get to three years or so it now becomes a habit of being around the other individual and all those good feelings is what makes a relationship last, or the opposite will break the relationship.

The way I usually set up my relationships is with open communication and honesty. I found out that being dissipative and lying to women to a relationship or intercourse just does more damage. Speaking to someone I usually speak about intercourse because it’s a subject which I enjoy speaking about with women. I learn a lot this way and shows am comfortable with myself and sexuality. I tend to be very physical in the sense that a touch a women on her elbow, thighs, lower back, and hair I like to see how comfortable the women is with me. This also allows the hippocampus where emotion, memory, and autonomic nervous system to remember me. Essentially am getting the women use to my touches if she is aware of this or not. When it comes time to have intercourse she will be okay with my touches and presence. Above all else I like to enjoy myself because emotions are contagious and if her brain has more positive memories with me than negative she will be more incline to spend more time with me; as humans we seek more positive than negative emotions in general. After all said is done by now I would’ve had an open conversation of what I desire and I am looking for; this allows the women to know ahead of time if she forms a relationship with me it will be highly sexual but I will also be there for her and listen to her. How many times I see man not listen; if you pay to what people have to say you will be surprise how much information you could obtain.

In conclusion Monogamy leads to a low sexual drive. There actually studies on this. The routine tends to kill attraction, people stop taking care of themselves, the arguments, being in a relationship for just being in one, not being honest, no actual communication.

The positive is that you have someone there with you, good emotions and feelings being around someone you know. Long lasting partnership if you go thru the hardships; long-lasting bond. Do not get me wrong monogamy has upside and downsides it just comes to personal choice.

Open relationship leads to higher sexual drive if you are constantly having intercourse. Leads to more robust sexual experiences, variety and you need trust and open communication. The negative ones is that if a relationship is just sexual it probably will not last, you need other emotions to sustain a relationship. The other person will leave if there is no other thing involved than just intercourse. Also to really sustain a sexual relationship you need to give good sexual experiences.


1.What Do Women Want? Daneil Bergner – Love this book it delves into sexology, Sex therapy and other profession into what women really want well in theory, but has a lot of modren research.

2.The Dangerous Passion: Why Jealousy is a Necessary as love and Sex By David M.Buss – It’s really honest about sexuality and will change your perspective on sexuality.

3.Sex At Dawn “How we Mate, Why we Stray, and what it means for moderen relationships” by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha – Is brutally honest how we go into certain passion and how we are different and how sex drives us.

4.The Mating Mind By Geoffrey Miller – Looks into the mind being more of a way to attract potential mates than for intelligence.

5.Bonk By Mark Roach – It’s mainly talking about intercourse and women

6.Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence – Great for understanding emotions and success and people

7.The Secret Language of Feelings Calvin D. Bayan – Great for understanding people emotions and your own.

8. Urban Tantra By Barbara Carrellas – This book is great if you desire to learn Tantra

9.Fifty Shades Of Grey E.L James – Great book for ideas and seeing into a women mind

This are a few books which will keep you occupied for a little, enjoy and let me know what you think.


Helping others

Today I choose to talk about something that was on my mind yesterday. Maybe I read to much or a pay attention to individuals who have reach places farther from me or maybe I am just compassionate. When I read books the one advice that I always see is help others, this includes business. It makes me wonder why helping other individuals is such a benefit to one personal well being. How would the world be different if we choose to help other individuals more often?

One of the things that I really enjoy is helping other people; not only does it feel good but it makes a difference in another person life. Seeing another person smile because you solved a person problem is worth more than money in my opinion. The good chemicals released in your brain such as dopamine shows that is for survival reasons to help others  we are social creatures. At times with are busy schedules we tend to forget to help other people, but what if we choose to help others more consistently?

This is a personal belief, but really taking the time to sit down and understand someone and yes actually listen could make the difference in a person life. How about a person about to sucicde but you decided to help out; you never know when a little smile could make a difference. One of the greatest feelings I believe is helping other individuals. Just knowing that as a person you have the power to change someones future is a great responsibility but also an empowerment to be there for people. Why not make it a challenge to help someone out today, even a smile could make a difference.

Why Sex Therapy?

I was asked why did I choose to become a Sex Therapist over anything else. Good question and I will answer it fully.

Growing up with only women helped me understand women differently and helped me get a different perspective about women. Around the age of ten I got my heartbroken by a girl named Karen which I found kissing another guy. I told her I loved her and I thought I was attracting her and well I thought wrong. After that I wanted to know why was it that certain guy’s attracted women and other did not. Interestingly I became sexually active at the same age of ten which contributed to me becoming interested in sexuality.

In middle school which at the age of eleven I became interested in women more because of the hormones and puberty. Testosterone levels grew which made me more sexual and spending much time around women did not help the case. I noticed women where developing distinctive features at this age continued till high school instill adulthood. I notice is that when you emotionalize an idea your brain makes new neuron pathways to the amygdala which is where your emotions begin. This information is stored in your subconscious and could influence decision you might not be aware of. Within middle school I became more sexually active which contributed to me emotionalize the idea of sex which became a cycle. Having intercourse twenty times a week has positive effects on health and intelligence, but it could make you a sex addict.

This continued to high school and I got into big problems which let me down a road I never expected to be. At the age of eighteen I met many males which had a hard time understanding women and had sexual lifes that did not exist. At this point in my life I started reading extensively and I started seeing new possibilities and learning so much. I started to give advice to the males in this areas and I started to see them improving their life’s and being more happier. I always had a thing for helping people and I thought I could do this for a living. In reading a lot and having mentors and finding my passion I decided to become a sex therapist.

Being on this journey and making it into a business has taught me much and I have failed miserably many times. I have found new sides to myself which I never thought was possible for me to have. At the end of the day is my passion to help Man and Women to have better sexual life’s and relationships. It is really rewarding to see that you could impact another person.

Virgin or Non Virgins?

Let’s start by asking the question what is an experienced partner and why individuals should explore more diverse partners. Let’s start with the taboo idea about being with multiple partners, it is looked upon rather negatively especially for women and for males it is seemed rather the greatest thing ever. When a male has multiple partners he is rather seemed like a god for other males. When women has multiple partners she is labeled a slut. I find this intriguing because for one sex it is a positive and the other is negative, but when you think about it isn’t a good thing to have the experience? Lets look at the negatives and positives about more partners or just having more experience.

From experience age doesn’t necessarily mean more experience; each individual has different sexual life’s. One of the things that I found attractive around the age of fourteen and I found safer was when individuals didn’t have many partners. There was this stigma that it was not safe because of diseases which is true, which you could say novelty is appealing and attractive. The problem with novelty when it comes to relationships and intercourse is that the experience is not there. Its like having a cake, but your still trying to see which frosting to put on top. I was once reading a blog post from a sex therapist that the main reason why marriages don’t last is because people don’t bring a full sexual, maturited experience. Due to the fact that people feel that they are not experiencing their full sexuality which they could be enjoying if they had variety.

When I have had experinced partners which I honestly love because not only do I grow from being around them we grow together. When individuals have had many relationships and sexual ones they understand what satifies them and what does not. They also could bring more pleasure and could be more open minded because new experinces bring more pleasure to ones life. For any individual who has more diversity in partners has a greater chance to pleasure there partner, but also bring more diverse perspective and knowledge.

Now we come back to the question; multiple partners or just a single one? The option is up to you, then again monogamy could be tough especially with all the research going against it. As a male a women would love that you are more experinced and could actually satify her in bed. As a women nothing is more attractive than when a women is comftorable within herself and sexuality.


Today I met a very beautiful girl and her name was Allison. I don’t really get impressed or get moved by people but this girl did both things in less than ten minutes. I have not been captivated by a women in some time, and she had the looks and a great personality what she off course showed me. This got me thinking how we unconsciously choose are partners  and how other partners repel us.

When it comes to attracting partners some individuals take a systematic approach, but forget that attraction is not logical, but rather emotional. Any time you really enjoyed being with someone is because they made you feel good, and any time you stayed away from someone is vice versa. Emotional contagion is something that could ether back fire or help us out. Are emotions are literally contagious and are influencing other individuals around us all the time.

I spoken about this before, but I couldn’t be helped but be moved by this women. I find it intriguing how we unconsciously choose are partners and later the information gets brought up to the conscious mind and we come up with a rational idea of why we find them attractive. If you are not aware every decision you make is made  unconsciously before and then ten-seconds later you make it consciously.

Emotions overall are very powerful it could be used for positive things and negatives ones. In the dating arena emotions could ether make you or break you. Next time you are out remember how you feel and that will tell you how your date went.